The Big Benefits of a Blog Copywriter

Blogging is a staple marketing tool for both businesses and individuals. They help businesses generate new leads, increase brand visibility, and establish credibility. They are especially important considering how the digital marketing space is incredibly competitive. Anyone can write a blog, but few can deliver the same quality as a blog copywriter.

This article outlines what a copywriter is and enumerates the benefits of working with one. It also explains the differences that set copywriters apart from other writers. Let’s begin.

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Who Is a Copywriter?

Copywriters specialize in writing sales copy. They are experts in writing and persuasion and focus on increasing conversions. In addition, Copywriting produces content such as landing pages, newsletter emails, headlines, social media posts, and articles. 

They differ from content writers in that their primary purpose is to convince a reader to act on a specific call to action. This can include CTAs like:

  • Click this link
  • Buy our product
  • Share our content
  • Read our guide
  • Sign up for our free service

Content writing focuses on connecting and engaging with an audience while copywriting focuses on influencing a target audience’s behavior. 

Content writers provide readers with relevant information to draw traffic to your website. For example, copywriters explain the benefits of a particular offer to an audience. The former explains the “what do I get?” of an offer, while the latter explains the “why should I buy?” 

For example, writers describe a folding phone.

Instead of simply saying, “our phone can unfold into a tablet,” copywriting highlights how this feature can benefit its target customers. 

A blog copywriter can say, “Our phone can unfold into a tablet to give you more space to perform productivity-related tasks simultaneously. As a result, you can accomplish more tasks without using a bulky device.” 

Both types of writers are essential to a content marketing strategy, but copywriters specialize in securing conversions. The content they produce has a greater impact on the growth and success of a business because it tips a prospect’s purchase decision.

Benefits of Working With a Blog Copywriter

Many writers on the market can create content for any client. However, there are a few unique benefits of getting a copywriter to write your blog.

They Understand Both Sides of SEO

There are two main elements of SEO. 

The first emphasizes content relevance and providing value to readers. This helps you attract organic traffic and build customer trust and brand awareness. The other component emphasizes following tried and tested SEO guidelines. This prompts search engine algorithms to rank your website higher on SERPs.

Professional copywriters know how to balance both aspects to satisfy people and algorithms. Blog posts that satisfy both aspects are very likely to enjoy long-term benefits and are more likely to attract quality leads.

Copywriters Create Revenue-Generating Content

The main benefit of working with a copywriter is that they write your content intending to secure a sale. It’s one thing to provide information about a product’s features and another to explain how they can bring value to a prospect.

Copywriters write blog posts that are more likely to secure conversions. Their blog posts show the people reading their content that the value you offer is worth their money.

They Are Masters of Psychology

Copywriters receive training in Psychology to help them understand the hidden motivators of prospects. For example, they understand the Psychology of selling and that people buy products based on emotion and justify their purchase later.

They can tailor their content and message to appeal to a target audience’s values, views, and biases. Understanding a prospect’s wants and needs allows copywriters to establish the value of a solution. This also allows them to answer questions convincingly.

A background in Psychology is vital to copywriting because this forms the foundation for persuasion. In addition, training in Psychology gives copywriters the ability to pay attention to details and to craft a response that the reader loves.

Different demographics have varying psychological profiles and therefore require unique approaches to convince them to act. 

Copywriters Are Great at Research

Another benefit that sets copywriters apart from other writers is that they are adept at research. They go beyond a simple Google search to understand their focus topic deeply. 

They are also comfortable handling data to present them in a manner that is appealing to site visitors. Research is a vital skill for writers because it allows them to determine the best way to approach an audience. It allows them to learn about any topic and create a compelling case through their words. 

This is particularly important when dealing with clients and customers from different industries. Each prospect group has a unique persona, and they experience different sets of problems. In addition, they all have varying wants and needs. 

It allows copywriters and marketers to focus their efforts on the most effective way to turn prospects into customers.

Hiring a Blog Copywriter

There are two general ways to hire copywriters. You can hire an in-house copywriting team, or you can choose to work with online freelance copywriters. Both approaches are good, but the right approach will depend on your company’s particular needs.

In-house copywriters are generally more reliable and consistent because they better understand how to deliver your story over time. In addition, this makes it easy for them to speak to your audience because they know what your audience wants.

Freelance copywriters are ideal for companies that want to get started with projects quickly, and they are also ideal for projects with varying demands. You can scale the number of writers you hire based on demand. Outsourcing also grants you access to expert copywriters with many years of experience.

The Bottom Line

Superior content leads to superior results. You should always consider hiring a blog copywriter to come up with compelling ideas for content.

They create compelling content that has a direct impact on your business. They are masters of writing and persuasion and are some of the best options for companies that want to accelerate their growth.

The life of a business hangs on its ability to develop a compelling copy. So make sure you entrust your content creation campaign to people who know the best way to speak to readers’ hearts. Every business needs professional copywriters if they want to start getting greater conversion rates. 

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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