7 Key Skills of Effective Marketing Copywriters

Copywriters have the power to change a business from a small, standard business into a wealth-generating machine. They are essential to the growth and future of any business, and people from all industries seek after them. However, to become a copywriter, you need to understand what it takes. This article outlines the seven key skills that all aspiring marketing copywriters must nurture.

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Who is a Copywriter?

A copywriter crafts content with words and phrases to persuade a target audience to respond to a call to action. Copywriters are different from content writers in terms of goal and function.

The primary goal of copywriters is to convert prospects into customers by telling them the benefits that their product might yield for them. Copywriters have a direct impact on generating sales, and they are vital to any marketing campaign. Their writing style focuses on persuading a customer to commit to an action. Therefore, they highlight the benefits of a product and are more explanatory.

On the other hand, content writers aim to engage and nurture customer relationships by providing informative content. As a result, content writers directly impact organic traffic, and their content influences how prospects perceive their brand. Their writing style focuses on providing information and is therefore straightforward and brief.

Content writers and copywriters work in tandem to create an effective sales funnel. You can compare them to how a fishing rod works. Content writers are the hook and bait that attracts prospects, while copywriters are the reel that secures the catch.

Copywriters are highly sought after in all industries. It’s a good career path, and you stand to earn a lot of money by working in the space. However, if you’re interested in becoming a copywriter, there are a few skills that you need to hone to stand out from the competition.

7 Skills of Effective Marketing Copywriters

Here are the basic skills of a marketing copywriter.

1. Writing

First and foremost, copywriters need to have writing skills. This is what helps them express their ideas through words. However, unlike most writers, they need a great mastery of words to write compelling statements.

The subtle nuances of writing, such as exposition, perspectives, and tone, are things that few people understand. Writing skills allows them to express ideas clearly.

2. Research

Writing is only half the job. Research skills are essential for copywriters because they must establish credibility in their niche. Nobody wants to listen to someone who doesn’t understand what they’re talking about. So, while writing about something you know little about is challenging, it’s not impossible. 

Research skills allow copywriters to dig for information on any topic, so they can gain their audience’s trust and confidence.

3. Creative Thinking

Copywriters focus on how a product can benefit their audience. But in order to express this interestingly, they need to frame their words creatively. 

For example, a copywriter advertises a high-quality car to prospects.

Instead of simply saying “high-quality,” copywriters may use analogies to describe their product. 

A high-quality car is like a river bridge. It helps you get safely, efficiently, and comfortably from one point to another. Our [product name] comes with a full suite of features that help passengers [benefit A], [benefit B], and [benefit C].

4. Analytical Thinking

Copywriters dabble in data every day. It takes analytical skills to make sense of the data they encounter and translate them into content that fits their target audience. 

5. Visual Thinking

Visual thinking allows copywriters to present their content through infographics and charts. This makes their copy more interesting to prospects because they can visually identify with their product. This skill works with analytical thinking to process raw data and present it in a design appealing to an audience.

6. Good Listening Skills

Copywriters need to consider audience feedback to improve their copy’s effectiveness. This also includes doing market research and tailoring their voice and tone to match customer wants and needs. Good listening skills also allow copywriters to connect with customers emotionally.

7. Marketing

The primary purpose of copywriting is to persuade readers to commit to an action. They achieve this by highlighting the unique value proposition of a product or service. Copywriters are, first and foremost, marketers.

Marketing skills allow copywriters to frame their words persuasively. This skill allows them to understand what customers want and to present their products in an attention-grabbing manner. They can also present a product as a solution to a specific problem.

The Bottom Line

Copywriters are essential to all companies and are the component that secures your content marketing objectives. They are crucial in delivering your brand’s message and creating an experience consumers relate to. 

These are the skills you need to hone to start a copywriting career. You can also consider reading resources to learn all marketing copywriters’ techniques and approaches. The best reading material is those that are written by copywriting experts.

Many of these books were published decades ago, but the wisdom they contain remains relevant. So don’t stop learning, keep practicing, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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