Nine Different Ways to Write Copies that Sell

Effective copywriting is the key to efficient content marketing. A compelling piece of content can enhance your credibility, engagement, leads, sales, and opportunities.

Copywriting is an art because it necessitates originality, aesthetic sensibility, and technical proficiency, all of which go hand in hand.

In the domain of testing, trial and error, improvement, breakthroughs, education, and prediction, copywriting is also a science. With scientific advertising, it’s possible to generate and test new concepts for your online business.

It’s possible to produce content marketing that’s practical, convincing, awe-inspiring and stunning. Here are nine ways to write effective copies that sell.

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9 Different Ways to Write Copies that Sell

1. Write copies that are straightforward

It’s always best to start your copywriting with a straightforward product introduction. It’s a brief explanation of the facts and advantages.

This piece of work has no plot, no dialogue, no “sizzle,” and no exaggerated claims.

If you know how to write a quality sentence, you can get by with this style of text. To help a potential customer make an informed selection, you’ll provide her with all the information she needs.

2. Write copies that tell a story

Everyone enjoys a good story. We enjoy getting to know new individuals, especially those who are interesting. Interesting people are those who have been in our shoes and can share their stories of triumph and adversity.

The moral of the story is that your product coincidentally aided in the triumph over the odds. You can use storytelling in an email series, a landing page, or a short film. The plot will have three main characteristics, regardless of the format:


Begin with the agony. An unexpected turn of events destroyed the usual life of the main character in the novel. The main character’s life is in danger if he or she does not solve the dilemma. In what ways does she approach this challenge? 


People are drawn to a story’s discussions. At its core, it’s just two people conversing with each other. Dialogue appeals to us because it is simple to follow. People glide over conversations like butter over the hood of a hot automobile.

As a result, present your product as a solution to your character’s issue. 


By citing particular results, you boost the trust in your product (3000 percent increase in conversion, for example).

There is no need for your story to be over-the-top. Just make sure it’s attractive to your intended audience. This is where good research comes in.

3. Consider Read aloud copies

When writing copy in this style, you write as though you and the reader are engaged in a conversation.

It’s almost like a salesman sitting down with a customer for lunch and going through a sales pitch. ‘ A simple technique that strives to relate with the reader: “I know what you’re going through. I had the same sentiments. When I discovered x, y, and z, everything changed.”

You don’t need to be a seasoned copywriter to generate conversational content that resonates with readers. As soon as you start writing, we can feel your enthusiasm for what you’re trying to promote in every word you write.

You can record and transcribe a chat about the product for a preliminary draft.

4. Copies that depict an ideal life

What would be a suitable subject line for a sales email?

John Lennon employed an excellent weapon of persuasion in his request that we picture a world free of all religious and national boundaries.

You could write copy asking readers to imagine a painless way to lose weight or how they can travel the world for free.

The subject line or first paragraph of your email should contain words like

  • “Imagine”
  • “Shut your eyes”
  • “Pretend for a moment”
  • “Explore”

You’re often asked to pretend that you’re living the life of your dreams by imagining what that life might be like.

The copywriter then depicts how a specific product might achieve the ideal life.

5. lengthy copies

In the world of long copy, “the more you tell, the more you sell” is the guiding principle. Long-form ads that emphasize facts and benefits are more likely to be effective at driving traffic and generating revenue.


A printed ad, instead of a face-to-face sales encounter, only has one chance to convert a reader. In front of the reader, you have to spread everything out on the table.

Learning how to write bullet points comes in handy when you’re dealing with long pieces of material. They aid in highlighting your most critical points.

To keep things simple, don’t put everything out there at once while following the basic laws of content marketing.

An email autoresponder or a content repository with registration-based access can slowly leak the presentation over several weeks.

By doing this, you’re condensing a lot of information into a small amount of time.

6. Copies sent directly from the CEO

Third-party endorsements are a well-known reality when it comes to copywriting.

A direct conversation between the owner of the company and the client can be just as successful.

This practical approach levels the playing field. This shows the client that the CEO isn’t a cold and distant figurehead who solely cares about making money. He’s pleasant and personable. “We are important to him.”

7. Write copies with blemish

There are copies that make glaring a product’s ugliness. Copies that expose the blemishes of a product before the benefits also do well.

To sell a car, you can begin by pointing out all the repairs that need to be made such as:

  • Thin brake pads, leaky carburetor
  • Cracked sway bar, faulty dashboard

Before introducing the leather seats, Monsoon stereo system, and sunroof.

You’re implying that this automobile requires a great deal of maintenance. But, surprisingly, the buyer trusts you more when you are forthright about product defects.

Using subheadings that help the reader trust you will make them more likely to believe in your product’s positive attributes.

8. Write copies that make outrageous assertions

An Incredibly well-written copy can make outrageous assertions at times.

An ad like,

  • This revolutionary alt coin might make investors a fortune.
  • Get a house mortgage for as little as $9 if you take this offer.

To make extraordinary claims, you must first provide evidence to support your claims. Statistics, personal accounts, and academic research are acceptable proof.

Make outrageous assertions without sounding like you’re pumping it up using superlative prose. Use it carefully.

9. Rejection copies

Rejection copy defies common wisdom by attempting to dissuade potential customers from taking a closer look at your offering.

When a product invites just a select group of people to use it, this form of copy challenges the reader directly.

Readers are taken aback by the prospect of rejection; they don’t expect it, especially from advertising.

This method also tapped upon our desire to feel like we belong. Curiosity abounds, and our sense of accomplishment is roused. If they say I’m not good enough for their club, we think, “How dare they? “I’m going to show them,” I said.

To Wrap Up

A single ad may incorporate several of these strategies. When choosing the copy strategy, focus on what you want to accomplish by having the reader see your ad.

Make sure readability is easy for your target audience looking for the information you’re offering.  

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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