Guide to Better & Advanced Adjectives for Change

People often don’t realize that the word “change” doesn’t just have meaning; it has a connotation. Change may be implied for a person, place, object, idea, or situation. You need the right adjective for change to communicate your idea better.

While change essentially refers to altering or modifying something from one state or form to another, there are various degrees and types of change.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect descriptive word to put before ‘change,’ this article provides the right choice of words for you.

Definition of Change

The word “change” can be used both as a noun and a verb. Change refers to an act or process through which something transitions to a different state or condition. It could also refer to something which is vastly different from how it was in the past.

Example Sentences

  • We need to make a few changes to the project proposal.
  • We noticed a gradual change in the color of the solution.
  • I am really hoping for a change in weather before our outing.
  • When did you change your phone number?
  • The leaves change color in the Fall.

Why Should You Use an Adjective for Change?

Every day, we come across changes in our lives. Whether it be in our relationships, professional lives, and spirituality, we are always experiencing new changes. These changes can be very difficult over time, given that these changes are always happening.

The idea of an adjective for change is to help people vividly describe the changes they feel or experience in life. Using the right adjective at the right time will make a sentence sound lively and more appropriate.

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List of Adjectives for Change

Whether you’re trying to find a situational adjective for change or want to brainstorm more words to describe change, we have the perfect list! Adjectives for change depend on what type of change it is. Here are some adjectives you might find helpful while discussing different types of change.

  • social
  • technological
  • technical
  • political
  • structural
  • economic
  • cultural
  • historical
  • environmental
  • revolutionary
  • organizational
  • institutional
  • little
  • radical
  • sudden
  • rapid
  • major
  • significant
  • remarkable
  • fundamental
  • evolutionary
  • dramatic
  • complete
  • gradual
  • slight
  • abrupt
  • positive
  • constant
  • climatic
  • global
  • considerable
  • drastic
  • profound
  • substantial
  • corresponding
  • behavioral
  • conformational
  • qualitative
  • constitutional
  • permanent
  • net
  • continuous
  • progressive
  • relative
  • apparent
  • Demographic
  • subtle
  • frequent
  • quick
  • linguistic
  • appreciable
  • noticeable
  • conceptual
  • malignant
  • planned
  • striking
  • developmental
  • slow
  • sound
  • continual

Synonyms and Related Words for Change

You have probably heard the word “change” used many times, and when we think about change, we often think of something happening. “To change” narrowly describes the process of replacing one item with another or exchanging one thing for another.

Numerous synonyms and related words are used in place of change based on the context. Let’s look at some common words you can use while talking about the process of something changing.


Switching is the act of adopting or changing from one thing to another abruptly or completely. It also refers to changing a person or thing for another.

Example: We need to switch her back to regular tasks.


Exchange refers to giving something away and getting something back in return, especially something of the same kind.

Example: I exchanged my silver gown for a golden one.


To convert something means to alter its appearance, personality, or purpose. Convert also refers to someone changing their religious belief.

Example: You can easily convert this sofa into a double bed.


Swap refers to the act of exchanging one thing for another.

Example: I swapped my chocolate candy for a cupcake.


Replace refers to taking the place of someone or something. It also refers to restoring something to its former place or position.

Example: Sam was hired to replace the previous content manager.


The word ‘change’ could refer to many things based on the context. And when trying to describe the type or process of change, you need to employ the right words in your writing.

Therefore, this article compiled a list of frequently used adjectives for change, along with some synonyms and related terms. Hope you find this post helpful!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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