An Lesson Guide About Descriptive and Limiting Adjectives

Whenever you write an article or essay, adjectives will never disappear from your text. You will always use descriptive and demonstrative words that expresses your feelings, emotions, and descriptions of things. As a writer, you must learn about descriptive and limiting adjectives.

Descriptive adjectives are your “buddies” whenever you are writing a narrative or an article that describes something or someone. During your primary school days, you might recall how adjectives modify nouns and pronouns. Well, that is the first step on answering your questions about the two types of adjectives you will learn here.

This article will teach you about descriptive and limiting adjectives. You will discover the meaning of both adjectives, so you can add more knowledge to your writing expertise. Also, you will find examples of these adjectives below.

What are Adjectives?

An adjective is a word that describes the quality of an object or person. For example, a writer can create a romantic novel.

A hardworking construction worker can build a house.

An adjective can also describe an inanimate object:

  • Bad idea.
  • Silly joke.
  • Angry thoughts.

You can also utilize these words to distinguish someone or something. Adjectives are essential in conversing with other people.

Many people make use of adjectives in their conversations to express feelings and emotions. Others use adjectives to express affection for people or things.

You can use them to describe feelings about objects which you like or dislike.

What is a Descriptive Adjective?

Descriptive adjectives are also known as demonstrative adjectives. They basically have the power to change your perception of a subject.

You can use this kind of adjective in your attempt of painting a picture of what it looks like. It is an efficient tool, especially if you are talking about something that is new or that was not known before.

Demonstrative adjectives are used when you want to emphasize something that needs shedding a light on. It has a direct effect on the person’s mind.

You can use descriptive adjectives to describe someone or something in the sentence you are composing. The sentence will then have a better impact on your readers.


  • Possessive
  • Angry
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Depressed
  • Joyful
  • Hungry
  • Rusty
  • Different
  • Bizarre

What is a Limiting Adjective?

Adjectives modify nouns. Limiting adjectives tell something about the ownership of a noun. They are a basic part of language, and they can describe a person, place, or thing.

Limiting adjectives determine the scope of the meaning of a noun. This is what causes a word like red to have a different meaning than blue.

Limiting adjectives are also known as possessive adjectives. This type of adjective intends to show possession of something.

It also intends to signify the ownership of someone of something, and limiting it to them only in the sentence.


  • My beautiful wife.
  • His rusty sword.
  • Her dirty slippers.
  • Your delicious cake.
  • Their old house.
  • Our new car.
  • My faulty computer.
  • His defective eyeglasses.
  • Her shiny shoes.
  • Your handsome son.


Finally, you now know the difference between a descriptive and limiting adjective.

A descriptive adjective is also known as a demonstrative adjective which describes the characteristics of someone or something. On the other hand, a limiting or possessive adjective portrays ownership or possession.

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