Colorful Adjective Examples Worth Considering

The English dictionary is one of the most reliable writing guides, consisting of various words used to describe the shade of something or someone. You can either use these words in literal or metaphorical terms, particularly if you are writing a personal narrative.

These terms are also known as “descriptive words,” as a derivation of the original definition referring to a type of speech.

Reading the colorful adjectives examples listed below, together with their sample sentences, will provide you a deeper understanding of the topic. You will no longer wonder how you can make your essay, article, blog, or speech more interesting to your target audience or readers.

All you have to do is read on, learn, and apply everything you will encounter from this article!

What is a Descriptive Word?

A descriptive word refers to any term that intends to put emphasis on the unique characteristics of a noun or pronoun. It adds more information about the topic or subject you are trying to tackle through the text.

Also, it enables you to make it easier for your readers to understand the text’s meaning. These are essential for you to create a more compelling and attention-grabbing text.

Most writers use descriptive words in their sentences to make the story more interesting and engaging. Most often, people use these to describe locations, people, or things.

It’s important to have in mind that descriptive words don’t contain any filler words. A filler word is used to provide extra explanations that are unnecessary to the meaning of the sentence.

Generally, people use more descriptive words than any other kind of word. Normally, any nouns, terms and adverbs that describe the subject of the sentence are used to provide extra information about it.

Why Are Descriptors Essential?

Descriptors are essential for your text because of three things:

  • Descriptors add more interesting content.
  • Descriptors give the reader helpful clues.
  • Lastly, descriptors make your text more appealing.

Benefit #1: Descriptors Add More Interesting Content

Descriptors add more interesting content by adding flavor to the story you are tackling. Basically, descriptors are terms that you add to change the atmosphere and emotions of your story, Furthermore, it helps you add in more imagery.

The blue skies suddenly darkened.

Benefit #2: Descriptors Give the Reader Helpful Clues

Descriptors also help you give your readers helpful clues about the story you are telling them. For instance, if the setting is dirty and moist, you might describe the area as “damp”. This will help to create tension in your scene.

I can see a red silk falling from the window.

Benefit #3: Descriptors Make Your Text More Appealing

Lastly, descriptors make your text more appealing. You may have an idea about a certain color. Suddenly, you want that to appear in the mind of your audience. You can tell them that red is bright, orange is warm, and green is alive.

Am I going to have yellow eyes after contracting COVID-19?


The English dictionary serves as your ultimate guide in composing your stories. Aside from referring to this resource, you can take note of everything you have learned from this article. Remember, descriptors add more interesting content, give the reader helpful clues, and make the text more appealing.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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