Exploring the Adjectives for Intergrity

Having integrity means acting by your standards of excellence. Integrity is an admirable trait characterized by unwavering fidelity to core morals and ideals.

It means sticking to your principles, respecting others, speaking up against injustice, and loving what you do.

Learning the meaning of integrity is essential because it is the essence of who we are. However, this article will focus more on its adjective and associated usage.

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What Is the Adjective of Integrity and Root Word?

Integrity is far more prevalent than its adjectival form, integrous, in everyday speech.

Most speakers and writers use an etymologically unrelated synonym when describing the word. Synonyms such as honest, decent, or virtuous convey the adjectival complement of integrity in its moral and ethical sense.

The word “Integrity” stems from two words. It comes from the Middle English word integralis, which means “making up a whole,” and the Latin word integermeaning “untouched, whole.”

Associated Synonyms of Integrity

Integrity is the state of being whole or undivided. This means it is free of the influences of anything that could compromise its sacredness, purity, or truth. You can substitute for integrity with the words below.

1. Trustworthy

A trustworthy person is someone who is considered to have honesty and integrity. An individual who can be counted on to keep a secret or provide consistent support is deemed trustworthy.

2. Dependable

Being dependable is often associated with the word integrity. It means that the person you are dealing with is the person they say they are, without fail.

It’s often a code word for trustworthiness. It’s not just trust in the literal sense. It is trusting that this person will always do what they say, even if it’s hard or takes a lot of effort.

You can count on this person to be there when they say they would be and to fulfill their obligations without fail.

3. Loyal

A loyal person is someone who is faithful in a way that benefits both parties. For a group to function, its members must have a sense of loyalty to its guiding principles.

These principles may be the norms or ideals established by the group’s religion, community, or country.

The Best Antonyms of Integrity

1. Manipulative

Being manipulative implies being deceitful, dishonest, or untrustworthy. A manipulative person can read thoughts and act in a certain way usually because he or she has a hidden motive. Such a person always has an ulterior motive.

2. Sneaky

The word “sneaky” refers to someone underhanded or dishonest. It is typically used to indicate a young person who engages in unethical behavior.

3. Deceptive

The deceptive person tries to mislead the people they are associated with. When someone is deceptive, they attempt to conceal information or present an appearance at odds with reality.


Integrity is vital because it is the moral foundation of society and members’ interactions in the community. Its adjective is rarely used in the English Language. It is typically used in its noun form.

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