Words and Adjectives for Collaboration, with Definition

Are you part of a corporate setup that requires you to share tasks with your hardworking colleagues? Do you want to tell your management how those engagements went? You need to learn about adjectives for collaboration first!

In the corporate setup, it is a common occurrence that managers tell their employees to help one another with tasks. Such an initiative is necessary, particularly for times wherein the company is extremely busy. If you are one of those laborers who love doing tasks with other people, you need words to describe those feelings!

Adjectives for collaboration will help you express how you felt working with your colleagues. However, you first need to learn how to use descriptive words. Furthermore, you will see exampels of such terms below, alongside sample sentences.

What is an Adjective?

An adjective is a qualifying word that describes a noun, pronoun, or verb. It can also come before a noun or verb.

These are words that describe or modify a noun or verb. The main purpose of an adjective is to add more emphasis to the properties of the noun or verb.

In addition to adding descriptive detail, the descriptive terms can also add significance to the noun. Also, modifier adds interesting details about the subject.

So, a descriptive term can give interesting contributions to your writing. It is an important part of speech which you can express by placing the term before a noun or verb.

Some examples of these terms are the following:

  • Kind
  • Deep
  • Angry
  • Large
  • Green
  • Beautiful; and so on

What is the Essence of Using Descriptive Terms?

Add descriptive terms to keep your written text fascinating. You also do this to create a memorable experience for the reader.

Modifying the feeling of a situation or the approach to a task is essential in improving the quality of your written work. Genuine descriptors are not disappointing when used to describe people and things.

Pursuant to this, good descriptive sentences are meant to describe the writing expertise. You will find it quite challenging to not add proper descriptive terms.

Descriptive sentences are single sentences that define an object or person through the examples of significant details. Every text has a particular style and capability of presenting the message in an adequate manner.

Such a quality is increased with the addition of descriptive phrases.

Descriptors for Collaborate

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

Finally, you now understand the essence of using descriptors to modify your work. Learning about its definition and how you can relate it to your text is an essential talent of a writer.

Below is a list of some examples of descriptors for “collaborate.”

  • Joyful

My company had a joyful joined task force with the partner NGO.

  • Exhausting

What an exhausting interview! I tried to look at the timesheet. It took us 7 hours!

  • Satisfying

I found it satisfying when we are no longer delayed with our tasks. I feel like I am somewhat related to Handy Manny.


Some people think that collaboration is too vague a word. Meanwhile, others describe collaboration as being whimsical, careless, or easy.

However, being collaborative is difficult because inviting people who are different to share their unique insights with you is never easy. Yet it is perhaps the most important thing you can do.

With more understanding and appreciation for this perspective, you can make collaboration more natural, productive, and satisfying.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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