Adjectives for Environment With Examples

The best adjectives are descriptive and tell a reader what the noun is like. To describe an environment, try utilizing descriptive words that narrow the learning process.

In this article, you will learn associated words of environment and sentence examples to assist you in creating descriptive adjectives.

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Adjectives for Environment With Examples

Environmental is the adjectival form of environment, and refers to a surrounding area. The word is usually used to refer to our ecology and the forces that act to change it.


  • The environmental impact of plastic disposal can cause great damage to organisms.
  • Environmental degradation causes poor economic conditions in communities.
  • He fell ill due to the environmental pollution of the oil tanker.

Words That Relate to Environment and Sentence Examples

Environment is defined as the sum total of all living and non-living things surrounding living things. People, sometimes use these terms to define their environment.

1. Territory

A territory is a geographical area bounded by clearly defined limits. A modern sense of territory typically does not include oceans, Antarctica, or other major exterior bodies of water.

Example:The territory has been declared unfit for human habitation.

2. Domain

The word “domain” is a noun that refers to a location of something. This distinguishes it from the geographical location of the places that we inhabit.

For instance, the domain of your private space, the domain of virtue, and the domain of deceit. The word can be used in a wide range of ways, from the domain of schooling to the domain of computers.

Example:Take a look at the domain of government to understand our political system.

3. Habitat

Habitat refers to the place in which an organism, physical or living, lives or exists.

Example: You have to learn the types of habitat of your local area.

4. Surrounding

The word “surrounding” describes the area or space near someone or something. The surrounding can be the area near someone’s house, the area near a building, or the area around a school.

Example:Take care of the surrounding.


Using adjectives for environment and associated meanings is a great way to strengthen your language skills and showcase your writerly flair.

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