Guide to Better Adjectives for Helpful

Helpfulness is a quality you cannot change, but it is nonetheless useful to have care with what you say.

The word ‘helpful’ is frequently used in our daily lives. But when trying to add detail and emphasis to your words, you need the right adjectives for helpful. This is because you risk hurting someone’s feelings or giving them the wrong impression of you by choosing the wrong adjective.

This article lists a handful of adjectives that are expressive of helpfulness, whether in practice or theory.

Definition of Helpful

According to the English dictionary, the word ‘helpful’ is used as an adjective. Helpful refers to something that can improve or make a situation better. When someone is helpful, they are offering or willing to offer assistance.

Example Sentences

  • I truly appreciate all your helpful suggestions.
  • The data would be extremely helpful for our project.
  • It would be helpful if you could get the job done by tomorrow morning.
  • The professor gave us some helpful tips before our mid-term exam.
  • She has always been the most helpful colleague at work.
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List of Adjectives for Helpful

It is possible to use adjectives to give words more meaning or enhance their meaning. Adjectives help us express the quality or intensity of something to make writing more lively.

Here are some adjectives for helpful to increase the potential of your words or contribute to the context in which they are used.

  • other
  • most
  • little
  • more
  • somewhat
  • how
  • truly
  • very
  • so
  • extremely
  • really

List of Things That ‘Helpful’ Describes

As mentioned earlier, the word ‘helpful’ is an adjective used to describe a person, thing, or concept. Let’s learn some commonly used words that are often characterized by the term ‘helpful.’

  • articles
  • approach
  • advice
  • book
  • comments
  • criticism
  • clues
  • conversations
  • cooperation
  • contribution
  • discussion
  • distinction
  • device
  • feedback
  • feature
  • friend
  • framework
  • guide
  • guidance
  • guidelines
  • hints
  • ideas
  • insights
  • influence
  • information
  • introduction
  • list
  • material
  • means
  • notes
  • resource
  • review
  • references
  • response
  • remarks
  • suggestions
  • staff
  • service
  • source
  • summary
  • step
  • strategies
  • survey
  • tool
  • tips
  • thoughts
  • technique
  • way

Synonyms and Related Words for Helpful

When describing someone or something, one word does not always cut it. There are plenty of words in the English language to describe the same thing with a slight variation. Feel free to explore these synonyms and related words for ‘helpful’ to add more variation to your writing.


Friendly refers to someone behaving or acting in a nice, considerate manner toward others:

Example: Paul has a friendly relationship with his customers.


Supportive refers to someone or an entity providing assurance or emotional assistance.

Example: You’re blessed to have such a supportive family.


Cooperation refers to the active participation or willingness of others to achieve a common goal.

Example: My team members were highly cooperative.


Considerate refers to someone who is respectful and caring for others. A considerate person is someone who shows awareness or regard for someone’s feelings.

Example: She has always been a very kind and considerate lady.


Beneficial is something that tends to help or yield good results.

Example: Regular exercise has beneficial effects on health.


Great! Now you have a list of adjectives and synonyms for helpful. You know what the word means and how to use it in a sentence. To add specifics to your writing and convey your message to your audience, you need to use adjectives to clarify your ideas.

This article provides a list of words to describe the word ‘helpful’ and a few synonyms you can use instead of helpful.

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