List of Interesting Adjectives for Passion

Passion is a strong desire that can make you do extraordinary things. Therefore, it is an emotion that requires attention.

You need the right words to effectively discuss the intensity of how passionate you’re regarding an activity, object, or concept. So, we have compiled a list of great adjectives for passion that are frequently used in written and verbal communication.

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Passion is what fuels an action. If you have a passion for something, you either love it or loathe it. The best outcomes in life will stem from a desire that is motivated by a passion for positive things. Passion can get you through challenging tasks and circumstances because you only focus on improving yourself to achieve your target.

This article explores some interesting descriptive words for passion, along with synonyms related to passion.

Definition of Passion

According to the English dictionary, the word ‘passion’ refers to a strong feeling or ongoing regard and dedication for someone or something. Passion is any powerful emotion of love, hatred, or excitement for any object, activity, or concept. This intense feeling can be deemed both positive and negative.

Example Sentences

  • Jack possesses an immense passion for music.
  • Her never-ending passion for arts and crafts won her the prize.
  • Football arouses powerful passion among its fans.
  • You must not challenge his passion for chess.
  • They have a shared passion for completing AI projects.

List of Great Adjectives for Passion

To be passionate is to be fully engaged in something. It may be something we love or something we despise. We might be passionate about something that is part of our life or a project we are undertaking.

In either case, we are usually very engaged in what we are doing. This is how we become passionate. We have shared some adjectives you should consider using when describing the type of passion you have for something.

  • great
  • strong
  • sudden
  • intense
  • fiery
  • divine
  • true
  • deep
  • genuine
  • blind
  • bitter
  • ardent
  • wild
  • mad
  • pure
  • strange
  • overwhelming
  • uncontrollable
  • extraordinary

Words Related to Passion

Passion is not the only word to describe your intense feeling for something. In fact, there are numerous synonyms and related words for the term ‘passion’ that can sometimes fit a context better.

Here are a few words frequently used to describe a strong passion for something.


Fervor refers to an earnest feeling or belief about something.

Example: She embraced the cause with religious fervor.


Ardor refers to an enthusiastic, energizing way of feeling or acting. Ardor is sometimes defined as a restless or fleeting warmth of emotion.

Example: The young lady was impressed by his ardor and tenacity.


Enthusiasm means having a strong interest or enjoyment in something and wanting to get involved in it.

Example: Everyone showed great enthusiasm for the upcoming workshop.


Zeal refers to great energy or excitement put into pursuing a goal or a cause.

Example: I am sure her great zeal and integrity will get her through the first round.


Desire is a strong feeling to have something or a longing for something to occur.

Example: His decisions are guided by his desire for more power and money.


So, what are you passionate about? You could be passionate about your job, spending time with your family, composing music, or dancing.

Whatever the case, you need the right words to effectively describe the type of passion you feel about something. This article lists a number of frequently used adjectives to represent passion and synonyms that you can use in your writing.

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