Adjectives To Better Describe Shapes

Adding adjectives for shape to your word bank can greatly help you paint a better image in the mind of your readers. With the help of these words, you won’t have to fumble for the right words to describe any particular shape anymore!

Let us help you get to know some great adjectives for various shapes. We’ve listed tons of them in this article. Keep reading to learn more and enhance your descriptions!

An irregular 3D render of a Rubik's cube with circular parts.
Photo by Vighnesh Dudani on Unsplash

Adjectives for Shape

Figuring out the proper adjective for a particular shape is much simpler than you think. Some of these adjectives simply modify the original name of the shape. In the case of a circle, which is a noun, its adjective would be circular.

  • Straight: characterized by a straight line or line without an abnormal bend
  • Wide: a great or vast area
  • Skinny: has a very thin or narrow dimension
  • Square: made up of four equal sides 
  • Round: shaped approximately like a circle or cylinder.
  • Hollow: has a hole or space inside.
  • Curved: not straight; with or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend
  • Flat: parallel to the ground, smooth and even
  • Broad: extensive in expanse or scope
  • Crooked: has irregular bends or angles; not straight or aligned
  • Triangular: has three angles; forming or shaped like a triangle
  • Oval: open plane curve created by the intersection of a circular cone and a plane cutting through it
  • Circular: shaped like a circle
  • Cylindrical: associated with or having the shape or properties of a cylinder
  • Angular: Has angles or arched faces
  • Two Dimensional: a flat figure composed of two dimensions – length and width
  • Three Dimensional: a solid shape that has three dimensions – length, height, width
  • Tapered: gradually narrowed around a point
  • Globular: having a shape similar to that of a sphere or ball
  • Gargantuan: large and bulky
  • Horizontal: a plane parallel to or in alignment with a baseline or horizon
  • Large: above the average size, number, quantity, or magnitude
  • Lengthy: fairly lengthy in duration and quite tedious in length
  • Oblique: slanting, not parallel, nor at a right angle to a specified line.
  • Orbicular: having the shape of a flat disk or ring.
  • Plump: has a full-rounded shape.
  • Pointy: ending with a pointed tip.
  • Diagonal: an object with slanted lines or a line connecting one corner with the corner farthest away.

Wrapping Up

The next time you’re trying to describe an object, use one of these adjectives for shape. You can use more than one adjective to help more accurately describe what you’re talking about. For example, you can use “round” and “flat” if applicable. Your description will be sure to be more identifiable and easier to comprehend.

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