Creative Words in Writing and Great Adjectives for Stories

Creating stories require you to have extensive knowledge about various descriptive words. These words and expressions can add to the flavor of your fiction or non-fiction masterpiece. That is why you must have an expertise on adding adjectives for stories.

Writers prefer their novels to have an impactful mark among their readers. They can accomplish them by adding words, phrases, or expressions that have emotional adjectives. If you are aspiring to become one of the best novelists out there, this is a basic thing you need to learn about.

You need adjective for stories, particularly if you want your work to impress your target audience. People love reading fiction and non-fiction that appeal to their emotions. By reading this article, you will find out everything you need about adjectives and writing narratives with them!

What are Adjectives?

An adjective is a word that describes and classifies a noun. In literature, adjectives identify and write about feelings and emotions.

When you write stories, you need to refer to emotions present in the plot. That is where adjectives will come in handy.

You can write stories in which the characters experience or express sympathetic emotions. It includes novels in which the characters are angry or sad.

In fiction, you do not only add adjectives to describe a character’s looks or personality. You also input adjectives to describe places, items and objects.

These are creative words that intend to accentuate a quality of a person or a narrative by adding depth or value. These may include the following:

  • Love
  • Rage; and
  • Secrecy

Why Are Adjectives Important in Making Narratives?

Adjectives help paint a clearer picture of the author and the text. They describe what a character, place, or thing is like. Also, they are words that cue the reader’s senses.

They assist in the composition of these engaging texts.

Descriptive words are an integral part of writing. It is important to remember that the text consists of not just ideas and actions but also descriptions.

Examples of Adjectives for Stories

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Using descriptive words is a must whenever you are composing any kind of text. This is necessary to modify your nouns and adding good emotions in your narrative.

Descriptive words can help you let your readers know about the emotions you are trying to convey. Regardless if you’re trying to modify a verb or noun, descriptive words will come in handy!

Below are some adjectives you can use.

  • Long

The long day has ended. I do not even know what happened during the fateful trip. What I can recall is how good that day was.

  • Sad

I feel sad today. No one even asked me about it. They just walked on, and ignored me.

  • Happy

I am happy to see you again. No one can describe how joyful my heart became when I heard your voice. Please, never leave me again.


Great adjectives help to captivate and transport the reader into the story. Whether you’re writing a short story or a novel, adjectives are challenging for many people and can prove to be quite frustrating.

However, once you understand how to use them in your writing, you’ll find that it becomes a lot easier. A descriptive adjective is one that adds flavor to a scene, enhances the meaning of a word, or is a separate word all together.

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