Best Adjectives to Describe a Snake

Numerous adjectives and adverbs are used to characterize snakes. Snakes have been part of society for thousands of years and are constantly explored, loved, feared, and hated.

Their appearance and characteristic have been described in numerous ways. In certain cultures, snakes are revered and even considered lucky.

Some civilizations attribute magical powers to snakes, while others find them fascinating. Now let’s take a step back and look at some best adjectives to describe a snake.

brown snake on green grass
Photo by sippakorn yamkasikorn on Unsplash

23 Adjectives to Describe a Snake

Describing a snake can be a challenging task because there is a wide range of diversity in types of snakes. These descriptors may help you picture what it might be like to live among snakes.

1. Vicious

Indicative (pattern) of the snake’s nature: That snake is vicious.

2. Venomous

Indicative (pattern) of the snake’s nature: Do not go close! It is venomous.

3. Coily movement

Patterned adjectival description: the snake’s muscles coiled and uncoiled as it moved.

4. Devious

The snake was devious, as described by the patterning adjective

5. Slunk Sound

The snake slunk over the grass so quietly that it was nearly undetectable.

6. Colorless

Indicative (pattern) of the snake’s nature: colorless.

The snake was colorless.

7. Curious Hiss

A strange hissing sound is a unique pattern of snakes.

8. Quick to bite

The snake was quick to bite

7. Narrow head

We saw a narrow-headed snake.

8. Long and sharp

It was long and sharp

9. Large fangs

The snake had large fangs

10. Fast-moving

Indicative (pattern) of the snake’s nature: fast-moving

11. Venomous and rattle patterned

Description [of the snake, patterned adjective]: It was venomous and had a rattle

12. Yellow-eyed patterned

Description: It had yellow eyes

13. Sharp and forked tongue

Description of the snake: It was sharp and had a forked tongue

14. Flat headed

Description of the snake based on patterned adjective: It had a flat head

15. Triangular headed

It had a triangular head

16. Diamond-shaped head

Description of the snake: It had a diamond-shaped head

17. Narrow head

Patterned adjective: It had a narrow head

18. Constrictor Patterned

Description of the snake: It was a constrictor snake

19. Harmless gait

Description [of the snake, patterned adjective]: It had a harmless gait

20. Nasty

Description of the snake: The snake had a nasty disposition

21. Black patterned

Description [of the snake, patterned adjective]: It had a black body

22. Small and venomous

Description: It was small and venomous

23. Fussy

Description [of the snake, patterned adjective]: It had a fussy gait

Wrapping Up

This list of adjectives to describe a snake is not exhaustive. Many other adjectives can be found in the snake’s natural habitat, but this list can give you a good starting point.

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