Best Adjectives to Describe a Speech

Using adjectives to describe a speech can help convey emotion, just like a painting. Many words in English can be used to express a speech.

Certain adjectives are more commonly used in speech to describe a speaker’s stance. These adjectives are typically used in front of nouns present in the speech.

They help the speaker show their emotion rather than just being descriptive.

This article has a list of adjectives to describe a speech, but it’s by no means exhaustive. So, use it to inspire ideas or create your description of a speech.

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Adverbs and Adjectives: Words for Description in English

Words that describe things in English fall into two categories. Adjectives and adverbs are the terms used to describe these words

When it comes to characterizing things, you can think of these terms as acting as both adverbs and adjectives. They are both words that describe something or modify a sentence.

Adjectives and adverbs provide extra information used to convey the level of activity of something. They are both very valuable and commonly employed in conversation. Here’s how to use them in sentence examples.


Adjectives, as we all know, are employed further to describe a subject or object, noun or pronoun. Adjectives are words that describe the noun or pronoun in more detail, such as its size, shape, color, appearance, etc.

The following are some instances of adjectives.

  • The stand is wide.
  • He has a big head.
  • It’s a shiny black car.
  • They are black ants.
  • It is a minimalist penthouse.


A sentence may contain an adverb to characterize any part of the sentence other than a noun or pronoun. An adverb is often used to modify an adjective or verb. It presents the meaning of words in a more specific way.

They are often written with a short word before a verb or adjective to specify more clearly what the word is modifying. 

Here are some adverb examples.

  • They cried bitterly.
  • She wept loudly.
  • He sang persuasively.
  • He quickly took off his clothes.
  • She snores loudly

Adjectives to Describe a Speech in English

Words are employed to explain or write about how something is done or how something behaves in a particular context. The employment of a descriptive adjective heightens people’s expressions.

Below is a list of adjectives to describe a speech in English. If you want to become a better communicator, learn some of the terms below;

  • Amazing
  • Interesting
  • Charming
  • Pleasurable
  • Significant
  • Tremendous
  • Eloquent 
  • Dramatic
  • Factual

Wrapping Up

Using adjectives to describe a speech helps speakers to enhance their speeches and the sentiments behind what they are trying to produce. 

They use adjectives to add more meaning to their speeches and make the audience more interested in what they say.

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