Unusual Words and Popular Adjectives to Describe Hair in Writing

Hair is one of most people’s most significant depictions of beauty standards. Anything men or women do with their hair says something about their appeal and ability to enchant other people into loving them. Did you recently cut your hair and would love to show it to your social media followers? Try using adjectives to describe hair!

The salon or barber shop is one of your most awaited monthly or bi-monthly appointments because it is fun and relaxing. You have prepared for a long time for this vain moment that will decide how you will look for the next couple of weeks. Understandably, you want to show this lovely occasion and look through social media.

Adjectives to describe hair are crucial words that can emphasize the beauty and grandeur of your new haircut. Whether you are a boy or a girl, having your hair cut, trimmed, or styled is an effective beauty regimen. You will see descriptive word examples below with sentences that intend to give you a deeper understanding of their purpose.

What are Descriptive Words?

As another term for the aforementioned type of speech, descriptive words can help you modify the definition of nouns and pronouns. Descriptive words are often short and concise, highlighting the description of someone or something.

Using descriptive words can help emphasize your ideas and make them memorable. Defining these terms would ease your readers’ about the text. 

Descriptive words also intend to distinguish one thought from another. Comparing and contrasting ideas will make the text more dynamic. 

You do this to keep your ideas on track without succumbing to the tendency of switching from one topic to another. In a boring text, descriptive words can help create interest and immediate success. 

They are also added to give the reader an idea of your personality. They are called descriptive words because they describe or emphasize thoughts.

Why Add Descriptive Terms in Your Text?

In case you wonder, why add descriptive terms in your text? There are actually three reasons behind that. You need to understand these, so you know why you must add a descriptive word to describe your hairstyle.

This is the list of the three reasons why you must use descriptive words:

  • Provides Clarity
  • Helps the Reader Focus
  • Allows You to Write Effectively

Reason #1: Provides Clarity

Descriptive words provide clarity because they describe and give a concrete account of something. They may help the reader imagine what is tackled. They are often used by writers interpersonally when they want to give advice on hair care, clothes, or furniture.

Reason #2: Helps the Reader Focus

Next, descriptive words help the reader focus on the text. The reason behind this is that words can help you put your own thoughts in perspective. The simple use of descriptive words can help your readers focus on the text and the voice of the author.

Reason #3: Allows You to Write Effectively

Lastly, descriptive words allow you to write effectively. They help you communicate what you’re trying to say in the most effective manner possible. Therefore, from business to creative writing, descriptive words are an important tool to remember when you’re writing.

Examples of Descriptive Words for Hair

Adding descriptive terms to your text provides the three aforementioned benefits. Remember that it provides clarity, helps the reader focus, and allows you to write effectively. Below are some examples of descriptive terms for hair.

  • Vibrant

I cannot believe your hair became more vibrant after your hair treatment yesterday. I can say that I love your hair now more than before. Your hair looks gorgeous and lovely!

  • Wavy

Zoe’s hair is wavy and cute. I can remember one time when I was playing with her hair. Then my fingers got locked into it. However, I do not mind it because I think her hair is one of her assets.

  • Colorful

Kimberly’s hair is colorful, and I love every shade that it shows. Her hair also seems straight and silky. I think this is the hair standard most women must follow!

  • Short

Crystal has short hair. However, her hair smells so good, to the point that I think she is using a hair perfume. Aside from curly hair, I love hairs that smell good.

  • Long

Charmaine’s hair is long and silky. I remember the way her hair goes brown whenever it is under sunlight. Its color then goes back to red as she hides under the shade.

  • Black

I really love staring at black hair! I like the way it shines under the heat of the sun. It makes the hair appear fancier.


At first glance, hair is nothing more than a sensory experience. Hair is a texture that looks and feels different to most people and is something people look to.

However, it’s a sensory experience that true artists and authors like to use to reflect a particular character or mood. In order to really delve into your writing and make it unique, you need to make the reader feel what they’re reading.

That’s why you need to use the best adjectives to describe hair.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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