Interesting Words and Scary Adjectives to Describe Monsters

Writing fictional stories require you to use words that perfectly describes your characters. These individuals include the monsters in the story itself. That is why you must learn about adjectives to describe monsters.

Creating stories is not an easy thing to do. You need to properly portray your expertise on using various words. Also, you must have substantial knowledge about other fiction-writing fundamentals like writing a story plot.

Adjectives to describe monsters will enable you to better describe the people and elements included in your story. If you want your readers to feel its spookiness and thrill, descriptive words are for you! All you have to do is read this article and list down everything you will learn!

What are Adjectives?

In general, adjectives are words that describe the state or quality of nouns or pronouns. In English, adjectives seem to have a broad meaning.

These words often agree with the noun they are describing. Nouns might not only include humans but also animals, characters, or objects. As for pronouns, they may include personal pronouns. These may include non-personal pronouns, such as “it.”

The adjective might describe a species, what a person looks like, or what the thing is made of. Adjectives can also modify verbs. This can come in handy when you are having a doubt about a verb.

The Purpose of Adjectives

Adjectives are words that are used to describe something. They give the listener an in-depth understanding of the subject. They also give a descriptive idea of what you’re talking about. Adjectives are a great way to describe the things you admire, love and hate.

Telling stories through conversation and creating an interesting literature are the main uses of this type of speech. Let’s say you’re talking about buildings. You could pay attention to the shape, design, color and size.

Adjectives are also used to describe certain characteristics of something that someone loves. When you talk about a movie, you can mention the actors, the storyline, the theme, the soundtrack or the director.

A flower could be described with its color, fragrance, size and shape. You can also describe a beautiful tree.

The Best Adjective to Describe Monsters

Using adjectives in your fictional stories can help you easily express the intensity of your plot. Below are adjectives to describe monsters with sentence examples. Make sure to remember them, and perfectly describe your story’s monsters!

  • Big

The Leviathan is a big beast that is said to have come from the depths of hell. Its skin, as describe in ancient texts, is as thick as a triple-layered bronze shield. It can devour entire cities and annihilate its inhabitants in a quick rampage.

  • Creepy

I find creepy monsters satisfying to learn about. I love reading stories that have beasts that have interesting backgrounds. Yes, I think that is a weird hobby, but I love doing it.

  • Intimidating

I think unicorns are intimidating monsters. I hate colorful animals that have weird features. Sorry, I might have ruined your childhood saying these things.


Monsters are terrifying and mysterious, both-at-the-same-time people-eaters that are out to get you.

So, what words or adjectives best describe a monster? What do you think of when you think of monsters? How would you want to describe a monster? These are some of the questions we answered above.

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