List of Strong Adjectives Examples in English

Strong adjectives are powerful language tools to enhance your words and emphasize an emotion or quality more intensely.

Regular adjectives work well for simpler descriptions, but strong adjectives can take your English writing to the next level. Therefore, this article outlines strong adjectives examples that can significantly impact narratives and descriptions of a person or thing.

Let’s explore some popular and powerful adjectives to employ in your spoken and written language.

What Are Strong Adjectives?

Strong adjectives are best described as being similar to regular adjectives but more intense and powerful in expression. It can help you truly convey the essence of how you feel about something.

When there is a stronger intention behind what you are trying to communicate, strong adjectives take the place of conventional adjectives. These strong adjectives typically replace a phrase that includes “very” + a regular adjective.

For example,

  • Very big – enormous
  • Very tasty – delicious

Also, a regular adjective like “bad” can change into “terrible,” which has a stronger and more intense meaning than just “bad.” It is more like taking a regular word and adding more emphasis to better convey your emotions or ideas.

Strong adjectives are often preceded by adverbs like “absolutely” or “really.” For instance, you can say “very beautiful,” but you can’t say “very stunning.” The phrase “absolutely stunning” would be preferable.

Why Are Strong Adjectives Important?

Strong adjectives are the basis for a natural language. In a subtle and complex way, they describe or modify a noun or a pronoun. The exact meaning of the adjective is based on the noun or pronoun it accompanies.

Moreover, strong adjectives paint a picture with words, meaning, and vivid imagination of what the reader is being told. Without them, we would not have a rich and creative language.

In other words, strong adjectives are important to a language’s beauty.

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List of Strong Adjectives Examples in English

There are many strong adjectives that have a substantial effect on the person being described. To enhance your English writing and express your thoughts and emotions better, you must use strong adjectives to describe people or objects.

Here’s a list of common but strong adjectives examples for you.

Thrilled = Very Happy

Packed = Very Crowded

Horrific = Very Shocking

Mind Blowing = Very Amazing

Fearless = Very Brave

Heartfelt = Very Sincere

Exhausted = Very Tired

Vital = Very Important

Swamped = Very Busy

Gorgeous/Stunning = Very Beautiful

Deafening = Very Noisy

Heartbroken / Devastated = Very Sad

Tiny/Miniscule = Very Small

Excruciating = Very Painful

Freezing = Very Cold

Tedious =Very Boring

Terrified = Very Scared

Cautious = Very Careful

Prestigious = Very respected

Hilarious – Very Funny

Hideous = Very Ugly

Filthy = Very Dirty

Furious = Very Angry

Effortless = Very Easy

Massive / Enormous = Very Big

Perilous = Very Dangerous

Exhilarating = Very Exciting

Ecstatic = Very Happy

Wealthy = Very Rich

Radiant = Very Bright


In general, what makes a word feel strong is its feeling, meaning, or connotation. Strong adjectives are words that describe something with great emphasis.

These adjectives are powerful words to affect a story or description. This article lists some strong adjectives to help enrich your writing and convey your emotions better.

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