Write Better Rap Lyrics With Free Tools

Writing rap songs is hard. When you see rappers flowing easily, it makes you naturally think that you can write a rap song with one take. However, that isn’t the case. Writing rap songs requires practice and composing the lines in your head beforehand.

In this article, you will learn how a rap writing helper tool can help you to write rap lyrics faster than ever.

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How to Write Good Rap Lyrics

The best rap lyrics writer didn’t become good overnight. They honed their skills over many years. The music industry is highly competitive because many people want to do music because it is fun.

However, only the exceptional ones last longer and rise to the top. Here are some tips to make you a better writer of rap songs.

Storytelling Is Important in Rap

While you can freestyle to showcase your ability, only rappers that know how to tell a story in their songs go the distance. Storytelling means picking a topic and sticking to it from start to finish.

There’s always room for catchy lyrics in the chorus, but be sure to stick to the topic and deliver. Rap is a type of poetry, and like poetry, it should have a narrative. A well-told story is like an onion. You peel back the layers and discover new insights the more you read. 

Make Your Lyrics Relatable

You should also create a story with your lyrics to tell a tale that someone can relate to. With relatable lyrics, your listeners will be able to connect with you in a powerful way. 

Rap Isn’t Only About Rhymes

We typically associate rap with rhymes, which isn’t wrong. However, you don’t have to make all the verses rhyme. This is because finding rhymes for every verse often limits what you can say. In addition, it makes you sound like every other rapper. 

Top Rap Writing Helper Tools

With the increasing influence of technology in our lives, there’s no harm in using a rap writing helper tool as a rapper. There are now tools for generating different genres of music, and rap songs are not excluded.

These tools can help a rapper complete their lyrics writing faster than ever. There are some that can even generate a whole rap song with a few details a user supplies.

If you care more about finding rhymes, you will still find tools to help you. This is why we have reviewed some of the top tools for composing rap songs.


INK is an AI-powered tool that can write a lot of content, including rap lyrics, for its users. Through its songwriting starter tool, you can generate rap lyrics with ease. Users only need to indicate their desired genre and what the song is about to generate their lyrics.

INK stands out among similar competitors because it is powered by a proprietary AI with a deep understanding of context. Thus, you can trust INK to generate lyrics that fit the tone and mood of your genre.


Rytr is another AI-powered tool you may want to consider for writing your rap lyrics. It doesn’t have a specific option for rap lyrics. But the fact that you can select the tone makes it a good option for generating choruses and hooks. Rytr also writes song lyrics in multiple languages.

These Lyrics Do Not Exist

These Lyrics Do Not Exist is a web-based AI-powered lyrics-generating tool. It can generate lyrics for many genres, including rap, country, metal, and rock. Users can also select the mood of their composition, and they also get to supply the topic they want to write about.

Once you’ve supplied these details, click on “Generate My Lyric,” and the tool automatically generates whole rap songs, including choruses, for you.


Rap means different things to different people. Irrespective of how you view rap, there are always points of convergence. For instance, rap relies on three principles — storytelling, personal experiences, and presentation.

Once you nail these three consistently, you’re on your way to stardom. Making it big in rap also means working smart. Take advantage of the power of AI to take your rap lines to new heights. The tools work fast, and they can complement your natural ability.

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