Free Song Writing Tools for Creative Lyrics

Writing lyrics is a complex activity. Many of us have tried our best to be musicians and failed woefully at it. With a song writing helper, you can become a music genius creating masterpieces with ease. This doesn’t mean the artist won’t contribute at all. It means the artist has an assistant to help out when stuck.

How to Become a Songwriter

The path to becoming a songwriter varies for different people. For many, it is as simple as picking up their notes and writing songs. Others need a more hands-on approach that may require joining professional songwriting organizations.

Irrespective of the path chosen, one key thing you need to know is that, like everything, songwriting takes time. You won’t perfect your skills in a week or month. It takes years of practice and consistency. In addition, you must be receptive to new technologies that make your work easier. This way, you can always be ahead of the competition.

What Is a Song Writing Helper?

By song writing helper, we refer to a tool capable of making the songwriting process easier. They go by different names. Some refer to them as song generators or lyric makers. Irrespective of the name, the overarching aim remains the same — to write songs.

The key to the proper functioning of most of the best songwriting helpers is artificial intelligence. AI is a technology that builds machines that study the workings of human intelligence in relation to different tasks.

For instance, AI studies into human language have enabled computers to understand and use language like humans. Since language is key to songwriting, songwriters stand to gain a lot from AI-based song-making software. 

Best Songwriting Helpers for Songwriters

Using the help of AI-based song generators shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve compiled a list of the top software to consider.


INK is an AI-based writing tool with many parts. One such tool is the songwriting starter. Powered by a proprietary AI with a deep understanding of context and semantics, INK can generate new lyrics according to the input supplied

INK songwriting stater generator has a simple interface. Users only need to supply two details — the genre and the thought behind the song. With these details, the AI writer will generate multiple lyrics full of meaningful words to start your song. You can click on “AI write” to generate more.

Rhyme Zone

Rhyme Zone won’t help you write lyrics, but it can help you find rhyming words to spice up your lyrics. It is an option for writers looking for rhymes. Rhyme Zone can list all possible rhymes with different syllables as well as those that are near-matches.


Rytr is an AI songwriter for writing song lines. You only need to supply four details to generate lyrics with Rytr:

  • Your preferred language
  • The tone
  • Your use case (song lyrics)
  • The song idea 

In addition to these, you can also indicate the number of variants you want as well as the creativity level.


LyricStudio can help you spark creativity by coming up with lyric suggestions. The suggestions are usually based on users’ ideas, topics, as well as genres. It means LyricStudio doesn’t make suggestions out of thin air. Instead, the suggestions are based on the context of your song. LyricStudio works more like a co-writer. It gives you ideas to get started and helps whenever you’re stuck.

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Wrapping Up

Songwriting requires your creative juices to be flowing on all fronts. This means you need a lot of variables to fall in place at the right time. Thus, creating a masterpiece can take a lot of time.

Thankfully, there are many free songwriting software to help out. They can create lyrics that rhyme and fit the context of your existing lyrics. Overall, they make it easier and faster to make lyrics.

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Free Song Writing Tools for Creative Lyrics

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