Can a Conclusion Paragraph Be Two Sentences?

Writers ensure that their texts have concluding paragraphs. It is an essential part of any essay or article because it provides a summary of the topic. People ask this question: can a conclusion paragraph be two sentences?

The answer lies within the deep understanding of writing principles and the topic itself. Writers of fictional pieces sometimes end their stories with a one-sentence conclusion. Blog writers use three to five sentences.

In other words, the answer to the question, can a conclusion paragraph be two sentences is tricky. If you want an answer that provides you the main point you are looking for, then you need to read this article. You will learn about new things on concluding paragraphs, so you may begin writing your blog now!

What Is a Conclusion Paragraph?

A conclusion paragraph will have a short summary sentence, and a completed list of ideas or points. The next sentence will give the reader a concluding message.

A concluding paragraph is instrumental in the overall message. It’s written in the past tense.

It is a sentence that intends to sum up your entire research or argument. You might also include some statements about conclusions as you discuss the subject.

The Importance of a Conclusion Paragraph

Your conclusion is your final word in your argument. You can inspire your reader to see things from a different perspective. Also, you can challenge them to open their mind to new ideas.

It ties your ideas together, providing a clearer summary of everything you have discussed.

Make sure your last words are well crafted so that people can take something important away from what you have written. Also, it makes them understand your topic as a whole.

It also puts emphasis on how all of the claims you’ve made refer to your central argument.

The Contents of a Conclusion Paragraph

Each conclusion is trying to accomplish the same goal: making a lasting impression on the reader. It brings all of the parts of an essay together, and making the reader think about it.

These goals can pave in many different directions.

Re-Statement of the Hook

You can tie back into the final paragraph if you started your essay with a hook. Do this in order to get your reader’s attention.

Hooks make a good starting point in a paper.

Tying them in your conclusion is a simple way to make your paper more attractive.

Presents a Solution

You can conclude your essay with an answer to a problem or issue that needs addressing. An option that might get people closer to solving the issue is possible if it seems unsolvable.

Leaves a Lasting Impact

Feel free to add any powerful quote that adds substance to your blog. The quote must get relevant and tie your conclusion together.

Can a Conclusion Paragraph Be Two Sentences?

Well, it depends. Some conclusion paragraphs have one to two sentences.

However, if you are writing a blog, it is highly recommended keeping the sentences minimum to three. That way, you can easily recapitulate on the ideas you have shared.


Conclusions are crucial to the relevance and credibility of your blog. Most readers look for this part whenever they don’t feel like understanding your content.

It is important to understand and remember how long conclusions are in terms of fundamental blogging mechanics.

The answer to your question is, you need to keep the sentences as many as three. That is the least you can write, so you can conclude your blog better.

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