Importance of Good Conclusion Paragraph for a Research Paper

Writing a good conclusion paragraph for a research paper can sometimes be challenging. Writers often find it difficult to draft a conclusion that conveys the core idea of the paper.

Conclusions should be concise and restate your research paper’s main points without repetition. A strong concluding paragraph can significantly add impact to what you have discussed in your paper.

This article explains the importance of a good research conclusion and how to write one effectively.

Importance of Good Conclusion Paragraph for a Research Paper

A well-written conclusion upholds your overall understanding of the research problem and the probable solution. Let’s explore the many opportunities that a powerful finish offers to impress your reader.

  • Present the final word on your research problem. The conclusion offers an opportunity to make a lasting impression, just as the introduction provides your reader with a first impression. To appeal to the reader, you must highlight the significant points of your study or findings.
  • Express the main points and broader consequences of your research. The conclusion allows you to respond quickly to why your research matters. It lets you place your study into the context of earlier research on the subject.
  • Highlight the importance of your concepts. Do not be timid. You have the opportunity to go into further detail on the significance of your findings in the conclusion.
  • Present new approaches to the research problem. This does not mean providing new information. It means providing a fresh perspective and imaginative solutions for framing or contextualizing the research topic in light of the findings of your study.
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How to Write a Conclusion for Your Research Paper

A conclusion should tie the materials presented in your research paper together. It must help the reader conclude the topic of the research paper. The following steps can serve as a starting point for your conclusion writing:

Reiterate Your Research Topic

Reiterating your research topic should be your first step in writing your conclusion. Usually, stating the research topic in a brief sentence is enough, and you must also emphasize the importance of your topic.

Your essay conclusion should express only the most crucial details of the paper clearly and concisely.

Restate the Thesis Statement

Next, repeat the thesis statement of your research paper. You can achieve this by rewording the thesis you mentioned in the introduction of your paper.

Make sure the thesis statement in the conclusion is phrased differently from what you used in the introduction. You can also write this information effectively in a single sentence.

Summarize the Key Points of Your Research

Then you need to summarize the main points of your research paper. To select only the most relevant facts and arguments, rereading your paper can be a good idea.

You don’t need to include any supporting information besides the facts you have already provided in the essay. The goal of summarizing the main points of your paper is to remind the reader of the significance of your research topic.

Link the Importance and Results of the Main Points

After discussing the main points of your argument, you can present the importance of these points.

For example, you could discuss how the impacts of your topic affect a specific result after stating the main facts of your argument. Likewise, you might present the results of research findings that can help emphasize the significance of your information.

Conclude Your Paper With a Final Thought

As you wrap up your conclusion, consider posing a question or a call to action that will encourage readers to consider your viewpoint further. This sentence can also answer any queries not addressed in the body paragraphs. Conclude your paper with your thoughts on the overall research problem.


The conclusion of your research paper is a crucial section that summarizes the key findings of your paper and their significance. It provides a reflection on what you’ve discovered and the purpose of the paper.

Make your research conclusion leave a lasting impression on the reader. This article outlines the importance of a conclusion and how to write a good conclusion paragraph for a research paper effectively.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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Importance of Good Conclusion Paragraph for a Research Paper

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