4 Tips on How to Write Conclusion Business Report

To write conclusion business report that portrays an accurate picture takes careful planning and relying on the major points highlighted in the report. 

It is one thing to compile and analyze critical data in a single place for easy access by users of the information. It is another thing to synthesize and organize the information as a conclusion.

Here are four tips on how to write a conclusion business report that speaks louder than words.

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How to Write Conclusion Business Report

Your business report’s conclusion will leave a lasting impression and boost your chances of success. End on a positive note to show you care about your readers and can give what they desire.

1. Outline the Major Points

The most efficient method of conveying information is to explain something in-depth and then restate the key points. In a business report, summarizing the findings for the reader is an essential part of the last section. Just as an introduction or executive summary should summarize key points before concluding, so should your summary.

Stay away from specifics; your report already contains all the information your reader needs. Only the most crucial aspects of your analysis, whether they be brand-new data, forecasts, or an explanation, should be highlighted for the reader. Refrain from surprising the reader with new material that wasn’t covered elsewhere in the report. It will just produce confusion.

2. Give Action Plan

After summarizing the report, it is vital to make recommendations or action plans based on the findings. This doesn’t need to be detailed. But, it should convey your general impressions of the report and the steps you think are necessary to accomplish the task. The task, in this case, could be to fix the problem or implement the solution.

“Based on the findings of this report, I recommend that we study XYZ’s financial records for the past three years. And, if we find them to be acceptable, set up a meeting with the board of directors to present our acquisition plan.” Business reports provide essential data and assessments to companies.

3. Make Projections With Facts

If your report is meant to be more than a dry compilation of data, explain why the information you just presented is relevant. For instance, after presenting reports on a new competitor, discuss its possible impact on sales and offer solutions.

4. Be Analytical

Give the reader some incentive to read your report and implement your suggestions. Give the reader clear instructions on how to apply the supplied information and explain how it will help. Tell the reader the benefits of investing in your project or sending you on a company-funded training or seminar.

For Instance,

Your employer may spend $1,500 sending you to a conference, but what you learn will improve business income by $70,000.

Appendices containing charts, graphs, a budget, images, and other supporting materials should be included after the report’s main body to bolster your argument further. Including this detail in the report’s main text could make reading the report tedious or time-consuming.

Business reports should always conclude with evidence that you researched and supported your claims.


Your business report should have a clear goal, make a list with actionable items, and make projections. Write conclusion business report by summarizing the significant points in the report. It should spur analytical thinking on the part of the reader.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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