Inspire Growth With Quality Product Vision Goals

A product vision is a statement that describes a product’s…

A product vision is a statement that describes a product’s purpose and intention and indicates the product’s long-term aspiration. Usually, companies create their product visions using a product vision template.

Although the vision is fundamental to a lasting product, companies should also set goals and KPIs. Goals should focus on the target market and the business use case scenarios of the product.

On the other hand, the KPIs should closely align with the product vision. Goals and KPIs are measurable and can help manage resources to make sure the vision is fulfilled.

Goals and KPIs also can help you estimate the throughput of the product.

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What Makes a Good Product Vision?

As a product owner, vision is one of the most important attributes of any product. It lays out the product’s purpose and intention, insight into the real-world utility, and long-term aspiration. The fundamental aspects of the product vision must be aligned with the product’s goals.

These goals are specific to the business use cases that support the product’s value proposition. This vision will impact design, marketing and development. The long-term aspiration of a product vision helps you forecast the impacts of any decisions made within the product.

When Would You Use a Product Vision?

The simple answer to this question is that you’ll use a product vision throughout a product’s lifecycle. It doesn’t matter whether the product is still in its infancy or it’s been in the market for a while.

It is a plan to make sure you stay on track and achieve the most important goals. A product vision is a big-picture view of the success of your product and how to meet the goals. It is an established company-wide goal used to drive and measure the achievement of more tangible goals throughout the product lifecycle. It also drives appropriate customer insights and market intelligence.

How to Create a Meaningful Product Vision

Start With the Purpose of the Product

Product vision starts with understanding the purpose of your product. The answer ultimately lies in three questions.

  • What is your product?
  • Why does your product exist?
  • How will you achieve your product’s why?

The exercise is very specific, although it looks easy. Make sure you collaborate with product stakeholders to effectively answer the questions.

Build a Truly Customer-Centric Product Vision

A product vision should be a high-level, customer-centric view of a product, service, or business. Fundamentally, businesses need to understand that they are nothing without their customers. Therefore, product visions should always revolve around meeting customers’ needs.

It’s important to think long-term and to consider customer needs as much as possible when building a product. Customer needs will ultimately determine how your business will be run and determine what it will stand for. With a strong customer-centered product vision, you can avoid making any major drawbacks or mistakes with your product, service, or business.

To build a customer-centric product vision, a business should understand its customers’ pain points. They can do this through various customer feedback channels, including surveys. The product vision template must therefore capture the pain point and how your product will address it.

Who Owns the Product Vision Template?

Just like a business plan, a product vision template belongs to the business owner. This notion may be a bit complicated in larger corporations.

The template is a great way to put your company on the path to rapid growth. These are intended to inspire your product’s future and can even become the foundation for the company’s core values.


In order to create a product vision, you first need to remember that it is your job to help others build their vision. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a good product vision statement?

Having a great product vision statement based on the following principles. If you don’t refer to them in your product vision, you should rework it. Despite being at some stretch, be realistic: Your vision must be achievable.

What is the vision statement of Apple?

Apple’s vision statement is: “To make the best products on earth and to leave the world better than we have found it.”.

What is product vision and mission?

Describes the overarching long-term mission of your product through a product vision statement. Vision statements communicate concisely where the product is heading in terms of success and what it is hoping to accomplish in the long term.

What are product goals?

Goals are objectives, while product initiatives are themed projects you make to meet your objectives. Product goals are defined in clear, measurable goals. They define precisely what your product will accomplish, the timeframe for achieving it, and how you will measure it.

What is product vision statement in agile?

Agile product vision sets out the reason a product is made, who it is meant to serve, and what makes it different. An Agile product vision statement clarifies why a product exists. The product is central to the team’s development strategy and ties their efforts together.

What are the attributes of a good product vision and strategy?

An inspiring, motivating, and inviting vision is a good idea. It is common for an inspiring vision to focus on technology or features (there are exceptions of course). Problem solving or attaining a dream are all part of it. Don’t try to make your Product vision too technical. Focus on what’s valuable.

What is the strategic vision for this product?

An organization’s product strategy outlines its strategic vision for its product offerings by listing where the products are headed, how they will get there, and why they will succeed. With the product strategy, you can focus on a specific market and feature set instead of trying to be everything to everyone.

What is Spotify’s vision?

We envision a cultural platform where professional creators can break free of the constraints of their medium, and where everyone can enjoy a highly immersive artistic experience that enables us to empathize with each other and feel part of a.

What is product vision and strategy?

Product Vision is a very different concept than Product Strategy because Product Strategy refers to what you want to achieve. Product Vision explains what your users will experience as a result of your product and how you will fulfill it.

How do you develop product vision?

  • What motivated the product.
  • Make sure you know where the product and its vision sit.
  • You must separate your strategy to achieve the goal.
  • Obtain investor buy-in
  • Think big, be concise, inspire.

What is an example of a product vision?

Amazon – To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and shop online for anything they may want. Bringing the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services.

Inspire Growth With Quality Product Vision Goals

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