Vision Statement Examples That You Should Know

The mission and vision of an institution embody its aim for the present and the future. Without these two, businesses might find themselves unsure of how to proceed. Like the vision statement examples below, you should have a clear goal for your enterprise’s success.

This article talks about the meaning of the vision statement. Also, it teaches you how to write one with corresponding examples.

What is a Vision Statement?

In a vision statement, an organization describes its current and future objectives. Visions for companies must be based on four key factors:

  • Mission – discusses the company’s present actions and initiatives.
  • Strategic Planning – tackles the company’s plan on achieving monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.
  • Culture – refers to the company and its workers’ character and personality.
  • Core Values – a set of moral standards and clearly stated principles representing the company’s mission and vision.

Nonprofit organizations and government offices also use vision statements to set strategic goals. The length of a vision statement is not specific. 

Regardless of how long it may take, the vision statement is widely used to guide the organization’s strategic planning in the future. 

How to Write an Ambitious Vision Statement?

Now that you’re familiar with the definition and essence of a company’s vision statement let’s discuss how to write one.

1. Clear and Concise

Your vision statement should clearly and concisely describe your company’s goals. It’s essential to remember this, as it helps to guide you as a business owner in setting your priorities.

You must provide a particular outcome only you can provide to your business. Avoid using open-ended words. 

Wrong Example:

Our company will maximize shareholder returns in 2022.

Correct Example:

Our company will maximize shareholder returns in 2022 through the Five Point Sales Agenda.

2. Simple

Avoid using jargon, metaphors, and hard-to-ponder words. Remember, you’re presenting your company’s vision to all people. The general public may have difficulty comprehending your vision statement if you use technical terms some people might find unfamiliar.

Wrong Example:

The Argus Company reiterates its quintessential development aspirations. We purport to complement your vision for workplace diversity and inclusion.

Correct Example:

The Argus Company stays true to its goals to deliver a diverse and inclusive atmosphere for all laborers.

3. Ambitious

Lastly, your vision statement should be ambitious. It should embody your daring aspirations. Don’t write generic vision statement examples.

Wrong Example:

Washington & Washington aims to produce cool smartphones for people worldwide.

Correct Example:

Washington & Washington aims to produce AI-powered and eco-friendly smartphones for people worldwide. The company wishes to become the world’s #1 Innovative Smartphone Provider in the next five decades. 

Vision Statement Examples

Finally, you know how to write a great vision statement for your company. Before we conclude this article, you can check out the sample vision statements listed below.

  • Claudius & Co. envisions producing the best-tasting Roman wine in the world. The “Claudius & Co. Roman Wine” line will expand its reach from the streets of Rome to the different corners of the globe. Also, it aims to enrich the taste of its best-selling wine products by adding authentic Italian and Savoian wine ingredients.
  • The Typist seeks to provide the best mechanical keyboards for gaming enthusiasts. With its bamboo-made keys and eco-friendly wiring, the Typist Keyboards aims to help heal Mother Earth. The company reiterates its commitment to achieving sustainable keyboard production after five (5) years.
  • Maiev Cosmetics aims to produce organic cosmetics for young women. The company envisions becoming the number one organic cosmetics provider in the United States after seven (7) years. Maiev Cosmetics will make this possible through better marketing and sales, introducing women to organic make-up and clothes.

To Wrap Up

An ambitious vision statement will help you achieve your company’s aspirations. Without a target, businesses may find it hard to reach their goals for the future. Vision statements act like a guide for entrepreneurs and enterprises in leading their companies to success.

However, when drafting one, you should consider making your vision statement clear, concise, simple, and ambitious. 

Following the writing guide provided by this article will help you create an outstanding vision statement guide.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

Vision Statement Examples That You Should Know

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