An Guide to Writing a Restaurant Mission Statement

A restaurant mission statement is crucial when starting a new…

A restaurant mission statement is crucial when starting a new eatery, upgrading your website, or revamping your marketing materials. Your restaurant is a part of you, and a mission statement adds value to your business. It reflects the core values you uphold, and communicating that to your customers helps convert them into loyal and regular clients. Here’s a quick and effective guide for you to learn more about a restaurant’s mission and vision statement!

What Is a Restaurant Mission Statement?

A restaurant mission statement helps to visualize the goals and objectives of your restaurant. It will help you establish your restaurant’s central principles and what it aims to accomplish. It also communicates what differentiates you from the competitors.

Typically, the mission statement for a restaurant describes its customer service culture, food quality, and taste. It also takes into account the decor and design choices or any other standards they want to maintain. The mission statement must align all the components of your restaurant to express one core message.

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Difference Between Restaurant Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission statements frequently come with a vision statement or values statement. People often confuse the terms with one another and use them synonymously. However, a mission, vision, or value statement are three separate components which are explained below.

Restaurant Mission Statement

A mission statement conveys the reason for your restaurant’s existence and identifies a purpose it will serve. It explains the experience the restaurant aims to provide in relation to its core values.

Example: We prepare simple but high-quality food to let you experience the essence of a home-like environment.

Restaurant Vision Statement

A vision statement pictures the future of a restaurant after achieving its goal and helps to give the business a direction. It expresses what you wish to achieve. A strong vision statement promotes creativity and keeps the teams concentrated on what really counts.

Example: We are committed to uncompromising quality in our business — food, service, and people, while providing optimum care for our guests and employees.

Restaurant Value Statement

The value statement for a restaurant outlines your beliefs and the principles on which the business is built. A value statement must be timeless and memorable.

Example: Our customized decor, top-notch food, and attentive staff will give you the best dining experience in a safe and uplifting environment.

Why Does Your Restaurant Need a Mission Statement?

Do you wish to provide the best food that is absolutely fresh? Are you aiming to offer food of all kinds: hot bar breakfast, cold buffet, and even solid dishes like cheese and crackers? Do you want to provide a social space that enables people to connect and enjoy an incredible dining experience? When you’re not sure what you want to serve, your restaurant would just be another eatery with no significance in the industry.

Developing a mission statement for your restaurant can clear the confusion and guide your business decisions. Here are a few important reasons why your restaurant needs a mission statement.

Gives Your Team and Employees a Direction

A mission statement helps define and guide the direction of the restaurant. It outlines the purpose of the company and establishes a standard for what the company aims to provide to its customers and staff. If there is no clear mission statement, employees will work in silos, leave before they complete their work, or distract from the organization’s goal.

Differentiates Your Restaurant From the Competition

A restaurant, like anything, has to differentiate itself to thrive. Using a mission statement is one way to accomplish this. Every restaurant has its own unique features or personality that sets them apart from other restaurants. A mission statement helps set you apart from the competition and make sure that potential customers know what to expect from your restaurant.

Help You Hire the Right Talent

Your restaurant has to hire a lot of people. It’s easy for your restaurant to misfire on an employee selection because that one person doesn’t fit the company culture or values. However, a properly written and enforced mission statement has the potential to be an effective employee selection tool. It’s a way to ensure that you recruit someone who will fill the role and deliver the results you need.

Know the Traits of a Mission Statement for a Restaurant

A restaurant’s mission statement is a lens through which you must view the entire business operation. The mission statement is important to keep your company or business on track.

It also helps create the overarching sense of purpose that provides the energy, motivation, and enthusiasm you need as your business grows. All effective mission statements for restaurants share some common traits.

Consider the following attributes as you start writing a mission statement for your restaurant.

1. Accurate

Your mission statement should accurately portray the goals and objectives of your restaurant. You must update or revise the operating policies of the statement if it doesn’t truly reflect your restaurant.

2. Attainable

While having ambitious goals is a good thing, they should also be attainable and measurable. The world’s greatest food or the best service are two common restaurant aspirations. However, not every restaurant can be the best, so make sure to claim something achievable. You must set actionable goals and plan on how to fulfill them.

3. Succinct

Your mission statement should not look like an essay. Make sure the statement is concise with a succinct message that’s easy to comprehend. As a rule of thumb, your mission statement should not exceed five sentences.

4. Transparent

Steer clear of jargon, clichés, or industry-specific words in your mission statement that is not easily digestible by the general customers. Your mission statement should be transparent and honestly communicate the goal of your restaurant.

5. Unique

Make sure your mission statement reflects what your business does and what makes you unique. Give your statement some depth that differentiates you from others. It must not sound similar to your competition.


The mission statement for your restaurant is one of the most important components of your business. Make sure it is not just a line in a contract but a pillar that your entire business stands upon.

It is the reason why you choose to open a business over the other options available to you. It is one of the first things an investor will ask. How it feels to read your restaurant’s mission statement can tell how your business will fare.

Frequently asked questions

What are some good mission statements?

  • In order to connect the world’s professionals, we need to make them more productive and successful.
  • In order to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy,.
  • “Spread ideas”
  • Inspire humanity both on and off the ground.

How do you write a mission statement for a restaurant?

  • Keep it short. A brief paragraph or single sentence is the typical mission statement.
  • Be specific. Do not waffle over vague goals.
  • Keeping it grounded in reality.
  • Consider customer expectations
  • Don’t limit yourself
  • Consult employees
  • Change is not something you have to fear.

How do you create mission and vision of a restaurant?

  • Value Statement. It is your values that define what decisions you make and the people you work with.
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Culture Statement
  • Competition is an inspiration.
  • Identify Your Ideals
  • Consider Your Customers
  • Keep it fresh and unique.

What are the 5 parts of a mission statement?

Every aspect of your business should be addressed in your mission statement, from your services to the products that you sell and the value proposition you offer. Actionable, substantive, dynamic, and charismatic materials are necessary.

What are the 3 parts of the mission statement?

  • Who is your target audience, where does it fit in.
  • Distinction – The next element of a mission statement is distinction.
  • An effective mission statement usually includes a brief description of your contribution.

What is KFC mission statement?

Our mission is to serve delicious food to all of our customers!

What are the five 5 tips for writing a great mission statement?

  • Be ambitious
  • Delete your mission statement.
  • Please choose your words carefully.
  • Think about why your company exists and what you value about it.
  • Live it

What is the mission and vision of a restaurant?

Your restaurant’s mission, vision, and values are its guiding principles and a crucial element of your restaurant business plan. Your business decisions – from your logo to your vendors – are strategic and align with your goals.

How do you start a mission statement?

  • Let’s talk about starting a company for free.
  • What your company does.
  • What is your ideal customer.
  • Identify your core values.
  • Condenser your mission statement.

What are the 3 key things a mission statement should have?

  • Find out what your employees think about the mission statement.
  • Write an essay not necessary.
  • Change it if you want.
  • Keep it short and concise. You can summarize your company’s mission in just a few sentences.
  • Make it not too limiting.
  • Do think long-term

What is a good mission statement example?

Example of Best Mission Statements. To spread optimism, Life is Good. The mission of Sweetgreen is to inspire healthier communities by connecting people with real food. We’re in business to save our planet.

What is the mission statement of Mcdonalds?

Providing delicious moments of happiness is our goal.

What does a good mission statement look like?

Almost all mission statements are between one and three sentences, never more than 100 words. It is usually a single succinct phrase that makes the best mission statements, so keep this in mind when creating yours. You should clearly communicate your company’s mission statement to employees before their first day on the job.

An Guide to Writing a Restaurant Mission Statement

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An Guide to Writing a Restaurant Mission Statement

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