Shopify A/B Testing: an Effective Beginner’s Guide

When trying to create a multi-product website that drives sales…

When trying to create a multi-product website that drives sales from every conceivable angle, you need to experiment. Shopify AB testing is a great tactic to test your product or marketing strategy.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Shopify AB testing to increase conversion and click-through rates.

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is an optimization technique that allows you to test different variations of a webpage to determine the most effective version. It is the best practice for business owners who want to know what their visitors like best and what generates more sales.

Learning how to A/B test your Shopify storefront can be an effective way to re-design your e-commerce store. A/B testing is an effective way to improve your product, increase conversions, and close more deals.

Why Is A/B Testing Necessary for Your Shopify Store?

Shopify allows experiment and data collection from shoppers to decide which of two variations of a product or page is better for your business.

Some of the benefits of A/B testing your Shopify store are:

1. Boost Conversion Rates

One of the benefits of Shopify AB testing is its effect on sales. When you A/B test your page, you can quickly see the impact and judge whether or not to stick with a variation. If you experiment with a new banner design, which generates sales, you can decide to stick to the design.

2. Improve Content Engagement

You can understand the content that encourages your audience to take action by testing two different page variations. When you implement the best-performing version, you automatically improve content engagement rates, i.e., email newsletter sign-ups and CTA click-throughs.

3. Lower Bounce Rates

Bounce rate measures how long a user stays on your site after visiting it. This factor is essential because it reflects the user experience. Measuring bounce rate will also give insight into how your visitors navigate your site. A lower bounce rate indicates that your store page is engaging. With A/B testing, you can ascertain which variation captures the attention of your visitors.

How Does A/B Testing Work?

You can carry out Shopify AB testing by presenting two different versions of a page to its visitors. The two versions must be different only in one element (i.e., Call-to-Action button). Knowing which component caused the variable response rate won’t be easy if you test more than one element at a time.

Version A is ‘the Control’ and is shown to 50% of the visitors. Version B, termed ‘Variant,’ is also displayed to 50% of the visitors. After the test, you’ll analyze the results of both pages, based on metrics (i.e., click-through and conversion rates). The version of a product or page that performs better is the “winning” variation. If the variant wins, it becomes the new control and can be tested against another variant in future tests.

The best-performing version is shown to 100% of the page visitors. You can update the webpage and repeat the process, but this time, test a different element. The winning version will get more traffic and be more successful in terms of sales. You can increase the average order value or the percentage of visitors purchasing from your shop with a specific call-to-action button.

A/B Testing Vs. Multivariate Testing

A rule for A/B tests is that you only test one element at a time. You’ll need to run multivariate testing if you want to simultaneously test changes in multiple elements.

Multivariate tests are more complex tests that test several elements (i.e. CTA text, header image, and button color) at the same time. They require a larger sample size to reach statistical significance. Also, it won’t be easy to know the element responsible for the differences in customer behavior between the two variations.

How to Run Shopify AB Testing

1. Define Your Hypothesis

The goal of A/B testing is to test the validity of a hypothesis, i.e., an assumption you make about your store. A hypothesis is usually from existing data, including interviews, user research, surveys, and web analytics. An assumption about your Shopify store could be that the “Blue color of the CTA button will increase conversion rate.” Whatever your assumption is, define it.

2. Create the Tests

Design your control and variant page keeping your hypothesis in mind. Remember, the change in both must be on just one element (i.e., the Color of CTA button).

3. Start the Test

A common question is: how long will the test run? Your test is complete when it meets the predefined sample size. After designing your control and variant pages, you can begin testing.

4. Analyze Your Result

Use metrics to decide which version won the test. A version with the highest click-through rates doesn’t automatically mean a higher conversion rate. Consider all metrics: content engagement, add-to-cart conversion rate, abandoned cart rate, and net profit. You’ll then compare the result obtained from the control version with that of the variant.

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Shopify AB Testing is the process of running a marketing experiment on your store page. It involves testing two variations of the page to determine which variation performs better. A/B testing helps you discover the most effective way to improve conversion rates and make your page more engaging for visitors!

Frequently asked questions

Does Shopify allow AB testing?

Shopify also provides some A/B testing tools you might find useful. Fill out the sign-up form and follow the instructions provided once you’ve selected an A/B testing tool or split-testing software. The process differs from tool to tool.

What are AB tests?

A/B testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is when two versions of a website or app are compared against each other in order to determine which version performs better.

Can you do AB testing on Shopify?

This is Shopify’s best and most powerful A/B testing platform! You can test your pricing, design, images, product page layouts, and homepage layout today to see what works best for you.

How much does AB test cost on Shopify?

The Switch app (in one click) is all you need to do to run Price A/B testing. Select the products and variants to experiment with, and define the test price. You’ll see results as early as 4 hours to day, depending on how busy your store is.

How do you do ab test in eCommerce?

  • Test a hypothesis
  • Test your A/B skills with a tool.
  • Test variations concurrently by creating them.
  • What are your test results?
  • Take action

Does a B testing hurt SEO?

Do A/B testing harm SEO? Yes, as long as you follow the following guidelines and considerations, Google: No cloaking.

How do I test my website on Shopify?

You can place a test order based on Shopify’s Bogus Gateway, or if you use Shopify Payments, you can test your configuration in Shopify Pays test mode. You can also use a real payment provider, and then cancel and refund your order as soon as possible.

Does Google optimize work with Shopify?

Shopify integration with Google Optimize is perfect for what we do. Shopify allows producers to sell their products online with ease. If you are here, you probably have a Shopify account yourself. Shopify approves A/B testing, so it integrates with Google Optimize or Optimize 360.

What is PageFly?

Do you know us at PageFly? It’s a Shopify app that allows you to create custom pages for your store. It is possible to create landing pages, product pages, collection pages, etc using Page builder App. Custom pages in your store can be designed without code without this app. Source: PageFly.

What is Shopify AB?

As you do your A/B tests, you will monitor conversion data to determine which version gets visitors to take appropriate action (your call-to-action). By doing so, you can constantly improve Shopify store performance and growth.

What is the purpose of a B testing for e commerce website?

A/B testing enables you to determine which design, content, or functionality is more effective with your visitors. Test a variation or element of your page that might affect your consumers’ behavior.

Shopify A/B Testing: an Effective Beginner’s Guide

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Shopify A/B Testing: an Effective Beginner’s Guide

When trying to create a multi-product website that drives sales from every conceivable angle, you need to experiment. Shopify AB…

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