Advertising and marketing professionals may use several tests and analytics to make ads that work well. Copy testing is one of the most common ways for professionals to predict and measure how well their advertising campaigns will do with their target audience.

Copy testing can help you reach your marketing goals if you know how to use it and apply it to what you’re doing. In this article, we explain what copy testing is, discuss its importance, list seven common ways to test copy, and give you some other beneficial tips for copy testing.

How Does Copy Testing Work?

Copy testing is an effective form of marketing research that uses customer feedback to determine how likely an ad will be successful. Before an ad is launched or shown, it is often put through a series of tests and responses from people who see it.

Professionals in marketing and advertising look at qualitative and quantitative data to determine how likely the ad will work. After the ad goes live, these tests may continue to enable brands track their performance and make changes as needed.

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Why Is It Important to Copy Test?

Copy testing is an essential part of successful marketing and advertising campaigns for several reasons, such as:

1. Helps to Ensure Success

Testing your copy is a great way to ensure your campaigns will work. Through copy testing, you may be able to predict more accurately how well your ad will work if you use research and testing based on statistics.

This type of analysis is reliable and can give you a good idea of how well your ad is doing, so you can make changes and put out the best version of your ad.

2. Saves Resources

Because there is a higher chance that ads that have been through copy testing will work, there may be less chance that time and money will be wasted on campaigns that don’t work. Copy testing is a great way to ensure that your ad will work how you want it to, and it could save you time and money.

3. Bring in More Customers

Copy testing is a good way to find out more about your target audience and the best way to connect with them. The data and insights you get from copy testing could help you make ads that connect with your customers. This could boost sales, increase revenue, make customers more loyal, and make your advertising efforts more successful.

4. Encourages Improvement Over Time

Copy testing could give businesses and brands a chance to keep learning. Each copy test could tell you something new and useful about your ads’ performance. You can use this information in future campaigns to make ads that work and meet your marketing goals.

7 Copy Testing Methods You Should Know

There are a few common ways to test your ads’ copy to make sure they work, such as:

1. Software Method

During automated copy testing, different versions of an ad are sent to a group of registered consumers who have agreed to give feedback. The software draws analytics based on what customers say, and you can use this information to get rid of less successful versions or make more of the ones that did well.

Automated copy testing can give brands and businesses a very accurate picture of how well their ads are doing while saving them the time and work that is usually needed for traditional methods.

2. Focus Group Discussions

One of the oldest ways is to test the copy with a focus group. A market research firm is often hired to do copy testing for this method. The research firms organize focus groups that are made up of people you want to reach, and they start testing different versions of your ad with them.

When looking for feedback, market research companies may pay attention to:

  • Find out how the focus group feels about your brand before seeing the ad.
  • How the focus group reacts to how your ad is presented in different situations.
  • How do the people in the focus group feel about your brand after seeing the ad?
  • Information about the buying habits, interests, and consumer habits of a focus group

3. Jury of Consumers

Copy testing with a consumer jury is similar to testing with a focus group, but you might be able to do consumer jury tests without hiring a market research firm.

Using the consumer jury method, you can give different versions of your ad to certain people in your target audience and ask them to compare, rank, and evaluate them.

Usually, brands and businesses will give you something in exchange for being on a consumer jury, like a free product or a discount on a service.

You can find out what people think about your ads by talking to them in person, sending out surveys, or asking people to vote based on their preferences. Consumer juries are a cheap way to determine how well your ads work with people who might buy your product.

4. Rating Method

With the rating scale method, effective advertising is based on standards that have already been set. You can use these criteria to compare different ad versions and determine which best meets your needs.

Depending on your goals, the criteria you use to measure the success of your ad may be different. Still, they can help you standardize your efforts, promote consistency across your campaigns, and ensure high-quality promotional materials.

5. the Use of Portfolio

In portfolio copy testing, you give different versions of an ad to people who are supposed to be in your target audience. One of the versions is often the most likely choice for final circulation.

You can put this version in the portfolio along with other options. Then, your consumer representatives will tell you which versions stood out or looked the best.

In the final stages of making an ad, you can use this method to ensure that the final version is effective for the people you want to reach. If your consumer representatives choose a version different from your final version, you might want to make changes to your ad to improve how your customers feel about it.

6. Psychological Testing

Psychological copy testing is a great way to determine how your ads make people feel. This method often requires the help of trained interviewers and psychologists.

Still, its results are usually very reliable and can teach us a lot about how to make advertising work well and about things like pairing words, sentence completion, in-depth storytelling, response to feelings etc

During psychological copy testing, members of your target audience can look at different versions of your ads and talk to a skilled interviewer about how they made them feel. Then, using the results as a whole, you can make changes to your ad to ensure it has the most psychological impact possible.

7. Sales Copy

Sales copy testing is an excellent way to determine how well your ads are doing based on how much money your target audience brings in after the ad goes live.

You can determine how well your ad worked by how many sales it led to after it was put out there. You could also divide your target audience into smaller groups and use their sales to figure out where to put your advertising efforts to make the most money.

Sales copy testing is an excellent way to see how your ads work with your target audience and make changes as needed to ensure your campaigns are as successful as possible.

Tips to Consider When Copy Testing

Here are some more tips that might help you use copy testing successfully in your marketing and advertising:

1. Learn From Ads That Didn’t Work

Even if the people you want to reach don’t respond well to early versions of your ad, this is a great chance to learn and improve your ads for the future.

Remember that even ads that don’t work well can teach you a lot that, when used in future campaigns, can help ensure your efforts are successful. Try your best to notice where things could be better and be ready to fix them when they come up.

2. Use Large Test Groups

Most of the time, the more people you test with, the more accurate your results will be. As much as possible, try to get as many people as possible to look at your ads and give you feedback.

To get people to participate in your copy testing, you could offer them something in exchange for their time. You can also work with similar brands to reach new audiences or use social media or newsletters to connect with your audience and let them know about the chance to participate in your testing.

3. the Use of Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is when you test different versions of your ad that have interchangeable parts or “variables.” For example, a color scheme that doesn’t work well on its own might work better when paired with a certain font style.

You can find this kind of information by using different combinations of stylistic elements in the different versions of your ad. This could help you figure out which combinations work best. It could also help you put together an ad that does the best job of meeting your promotion needs.

To Wrap Up

Now that you understand the importance of conducting copy testing on your advertising campaigns, you can ensure that you are gaining useful insight by posing the appropriate questions to the right individuals in the proper settings.

Copy testing may be expensive and futile if carried out improperly. However, if you arrange things correctly, you can pay a few hundred dollars now and save thousands of dollars after your advertising campaign is up and running.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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