What is Test Strategy? — a Quick Guide

Documentation is vitally crucial while testing software. It helps organize…

Documentation is vitally crucial while testing software. It helps organize the procedure and manage each step more effectively. The terms “test plan” and “test strategy” are frequently used interchangeably and are two of the most well-known test documents. We aim to clarify what they are, how they differ, and how to make them in this essay. Technical documents that support and enhance software testing on many levels include the test plan and strategy. Let’s examine both of these notions in-depth, examining their functions, logic, and nature in light of their ambiguity. So in this article, we will answer the questions: what is test strategy, and what is test plan.

What is Test Strategy?

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A high-level document called the test strategy is used to verify the test levels that will be carried out on the product. Additionally, it specifies the approach that must be utilized and the module that will be tested.

It has several different parts, including documentation formats, goals, test procedures, scope, customer communication tactics, etc.

Test strategy is a formal document that outlines the various testing activities and the testing scope.

It is a high-level document that calls for scheduling each testing activity and producing the high-quality final output.

Use Case documentation, SRSs (Software Requirement Specifications), and product descriptions are used to derive it.

While the BRS (Business Requirement Specification) document can be used to derive the test strategy.

The project manager often approves the test strategy after it has been prepared by the business analyst.

Since it is a static document, it cannot be altered or amended.

At the organizational level, a test approach that can be used for numerous projects is outlined.

What is Test Plan?

The foundation of software testing is the test plan. It is a comprehensive document that defines the areas and activities of software testing. It includes several testing attributes listed below:

  • test objectives,
  • scope, 
  • timetable, 
  • blueprint, 
  • required resources (HR, software, and hardware), 
  • test estimation and test deliverables, 
  • risk, 
  • mitigation strategy, 
  • error tracking, entry and exit criteria,
  • test environment,
  • and much more!

The test plans are crucial to testing and assist us in producing high-quality products.

It outlines the methodology, resources, and timetable for the anticipated testing operations. Testing software depends on many aspects that must be tested, duties that must take place during testing, and the methods used to design testing.

In essence, it documents the entire process of organizing tests that must be run on the product.


We hope our post explaining the intricacies of test strategy and test plan documents was helpful to you. If you have any more questions about the related terminology, let us know!

Frequently asked questions

What is test strategy with example?

The Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) is defined as a strategy for defining an approach. This provides guidance to QA teams on testing Coverage and scope. It helps testers get a clear picture of the project at any given point.

Is test strategy and test plan Same?

The testing plan consists of the scope and various activities involved in the test process. A test strategy consists of guidelines and principles that apply to the testing process.

What is test planning and test strategy?

Test Strategy. A test plan is defined as a document for a software project that specifies the approach, scope, and intensity of the testing process. A test strategy is a set of instructions or protocols that explain the design and determine how a test should be conducted.

What is a test strategy in agile?

Agile testing supports continuous testing and DevOps. It is imperative that continuous testing be conducted to improve product quality. Testing in Agile development must occur early and often. Tests are now happening continuously instead of waiting until development is complete before testing begins.

How do you write a test strategy example?

  • Overview of the scope and scope.
  • Step #2: Test Approach
  • Step #3: Test Environment
  • Step #4: Testing Tools
  • Step #5: Release Control
  • Step #6: Risk Analysis
  • Approvals and review in step 7.

What are 3 testing strategies?

  • Look for cues
  • Make a memory dump.
  • Be prepared
  • Time allotted is important to plan.
  • Follow the tests thoroughly and watch for details.
  • Arrive early and take a moment to relax.
  • The instructor should carefully observe last minute instructions.
  • You should answer all the questions.

What are types of test strategies?

  • Consultative strategy
  • Model based strategy
  • Reactive strategy
  • Strategy meeting standards or process standards.
  • Methodical strategy
  • Analytical strategy
  • Regression averse strategy

What are the features of test strategies?

  • Release Control
  • Scope and Overview
  • Review and Approvals
  • Testing Tools
  • Testing Methodology
  • Risk Analysis
  • Testing Environment Specifications

What is meant by test strategy?

How a testing strategy describes the software development cycle is described in an outline. Test strategy is intended to provide a rational deduction from organizational, high-level objectives to actual testing activities.

How do you write a test strategy?

  • This step outlines the scope and overview of the project.
  • Step #2: Test Approach
  • Step #3: Test Environment
  • Step #4: Testing Tools
  • Step #5: Release Control
  • Step #6: Risk Analysis
  • Review and Approvals in Step 7.

Why is test strategy important?

What are the objectives of a Test Strategy? It aims to provide an understanding of the overall goals, approach, tools, and timing of the test activities to be carried out. Each test project should clarify its major challenges and tasks.

How do you develop a test strategy?

  • Staff your team
  • Organize your team
  • Capture your plan
  • Approach testing
  • Approach development/programming
  • Choose a platform for your test environment(s).
  • Platform based equivalency strategy.
  • Test non-functional requirements
What is Test Strategy? — a Quick Guide

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