Descriptive Essay Guide With Excellent Essay Topics

An essay is a short literary piece. Descriptive writing are a genre of essay aimed at describing something – they provide a vivid and detailed explanation of the topic in question. If you need to write a descriptive essay but can’t find a suitable topic, this guide on descriptive essay topics is for you!

Crafting an enthralling piece that readers can engage with is the over-arching aim of every writer. It is not enough to tell the readers something — give them a clear picture of it.

This guide offers some creative descriptive writing topics, including the parts of a descriptive essay.

What is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay aims to describe something. It could be an event, a predicament, or someone. Typically, descriptive essays are written based on the experience or imagination of the writer.

They test your ability to use language originally and creatively to convey a memorable image of what you’re describing. Such essays are common writing exercises in high school and composition classes.

Descriptive essay topics are those that describe something in great detail. They let students develop the ability to create a written account of a particular experience. Descriptive essays allow for artistic freedom (the goal is to paint a vivid, moving image in the reader’s mind).

Descriptive essays have a distinct structure consisting of the introduction, body, and conclusion. You must build a strong and engaging writing style to write a successful descriptive essay.

Parts of A Descriptive Essay

It’s important to note the difference between a description and a descriptive essay.

A description has one or several paragraphs with no specific structure. It aims to describe something without following a particular pattern. On the other hand, a descriptive essay consists of five or more paragraphs with a well-defined and complete structure. It is written coherently and consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Let’s see what goes into crafting a compelling descriptive essay.

1. Introduction.

The introduction should provide the reader with background information about the topic. It should tell the reader what the piece is about without giving away spoilers.

Use catchy words that will grab the reader’s attention and hook them. End your introductory paragraph with your thesis statement. It should concisely summarize what you will say in the following sections.

2. Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs should provide detailed information about the topic. It typically consists of three sections with evidence to back up your thesis. The last sentence of the body paragraph should allow for a smooth transition into the conclusion.

3. Conclusion

The conclusion section should give the reader a summary of the essay and its overall purpose. It should summarize the critical points with a restatement of the thesis to allow the reader view the topic in a particular light. Ending the essay in an impactful and exciting way is essential to leave the reader with a sense of awe.

Descriptive Essay Topics for Struggling Students

Here are some of the best descriptive essay topics for struggling students.

Favorite Activities and Things.

  • My favorite movie
  • My favorite movie character
  • The book I love the most
  • My best friend
  • The house of my dreams
  • My first trip overseas
  • My first memory
  • The concert I will never forget
  • My first tears of joy

Geography and Traveling (Real and Imaginable)

  • The most exciting cruise
  • The most beautiful place on earth
  • Top 10 destinations in Europe
  • The most attractive places in Asia
  • The wonders of Australia and New Zealand
  • A space journey
  • The beauty of the starry sky
  • What can an astronaut see?
  • Canadian White nights
  • A seaman: one day on a ship
  • In the heart of Africa


  • Napoleon: the king of Europe
  • The Mayflower – the Voyage of hope
  • A visit to the historical museum
  • The tragedy of Pearl Harbor
  • A pirate of the Caribbean
  • The most important event in our history.
  • Julius Caesar: the legendary commander.
  • The greatest person in our history.


  • A hot summer day
  • One day in school
  • A teacher
  • A Christmas story
  • My childhood
  • An exciting picnic with my parents
  • My first date
  • A warm winter evening
  • One day at the seaside
  • My favorite pet
  • A fairy tale from my childhood
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Descriptive Essay Topics

To Wrap Up

An easy way to write a compelling descriptive essay is to draft an outline. Begin with an introduction, setting the pace for the rest of the piece. Provide background information that lets the reader understand what the writing is about.

Proceed to the body paragraphs, discussing the topic of the essay in detail. End with a conclusion that summarizes your essay. If you’re struggling to choose a topic to write on, our list will come in handy.

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