Best Words to Describe Your Personality

There are instances when you’ll be required to describe yourself. It can be for a job interview or when introducing yourself to new colleagues. Whatever the case, it can be challenging to find the right adjectives. But never fear! We have the solutions.

This article has listed 30 positive words to describe your personality.

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Check them out and see which adjective will fit well with your personality. You can build a strong foundation for yourself with the right adjective and self-confidence.

What are English Personality Adjectives?

Personality adjectives are basically adjectives that help describe specific aspects of a person’s personality or behavior. Among the many different types of adjectives, we will focus on are ones called attributive adjectives.

Attributive adjectives describe a variety of attributes, qualities, and features. These adjectives also describe observations, size/shape, age, color, origin, material, and qualifier adjectives.

They aren’t just for describing personality, but they can also describe different nouns. Check out some of the best attributive adjectives to describe your personality in the next section.

Best English Words to Describe Your Personality

  • Cooperative: Used for describing someone willing to assist others in achieving a common goal
  • Kind: Compassionate and willing to care for other people
  • Honest: Eager to speak the truth and willing to let others know
  • Adventurous: Happy to explore and try new experiences 
  • Adaptable: Willing to change to satisfy the requirements of others
  • Resourceful: Determined to look for unique and unconventional ways to solve problems
  • Practical: Driven to achieve success through rationality and goals-oriented thinking
  • Reliable: Used to describe someone who is trustworthy and dependable
  • Sensible: Patient and governed by reason
  • Inspiring: Wanting to lead others toward their dreams
  • Hard-working: Persistent and driven to succeed in life
  • Energetic: Anxious to accomplish and complete tasks
  • Helpful: Willing to lend a hand to those in need
  • Generous: Willing to share and give friends what they have
  • Friendly: Warm, inviting, and genuinely concerned with the situation of other people
  • Enthusiastic: Motivating and confident
  • Considerate: Concerned with the feelings of others
  • Understanding: Compassionate, open-minded, concerned for other’s feelings
  • Cheerful: Often in a good mood and optimistic
  • Diplomatic: Willing to listen to other’s opinions and concerns, talk about compromises, and form alliances
  • Courageous: Fears nothing and never stops until the goal is reached
  • Thoughtful: Dedicated to considering the feelings of others and acts respectfully
  • Intelligent: Knowledgeable and willing to learn things
  • Loyal: Devoted and faithful
  • Ambitious: Valuing clear, defined, and challenging goals 
  • Sociable: Good at maintaining connections with others
  • Witty: Characterized by an inventive and rapid manner of verbal humor.
  • Passionate: Showing strong feelings or a strong belief and love for something
  • Emotional: Has intense feelings and is sensitive
  • Easy going: Someone who doesn’t take things too seriously and fits in well with others

The Importance of Describing Your Personality

Being able to describe oneself is important, especially during interviews. You get only one chance to make a first impression with your interviewer. So make it count by using the right words.

When you describe yourself well in job applications or during an interview, hiring managers will begin to understand who you are as a professional. Making accurate and engaging word choices to define your key traits also helps prospective employers decide whether you fit into the company culture. Use positive language when sharing your strengths with professionals.

When the interviewers ask you to describe yourself, you should think of adjectives that describe your skills, strengths, and weaknesses well. You want to sound confident while also not being boastful. 

Sample Interview Question: What are three words that best describe you?

When answering this question, you’ll want to use the closest words that fit you and the position you’re applying for. It’s also important to incorporate your quality or skill to support your answer.

Answer: I’m a very reliable person. In my previous job, I was in charge of scheduling, answering phones, and dealing with upset customers. I would stay late under deadlines to finish client work.

I am passionate about my work and my company, and I also work hard. My co-workers refer to me as someone who is very friendly.

To Wrap Up

Finding the perfect adjective to describe yourself is hard. There are plenty of good and positive adjectives that you can use from the list we’ve mentioned in this article. Remember to be honest with your answer. The best words to describe your personality will be words that best represent your traits.

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