Interesting Descriptive Words That Start With “A”

The letter “a” is perhaps one of the most commonly used letters in the English language. It’s easy to see why this is the case – it’s versatility. It is the first letter of the alphabet, a vowel, and is associated with academic excellence. Many English words have the letter ‘a’ in them, including the word adjective, the main subject of our discussion. Descriptive words that start with a in English include adorable, appealing, and attractive.

These words are adjectives – they describe and modify a noun or pronoun. They tell how a person looks, sounds, acts, or feels. Adjectives make writing more exciting and colorful. We’ve collected some adjectives that begin with ‘a’ in this piece to help you expand your vocabulary and better express your thoughts.

Positive Adjectives that Start With “A”

Positive adjectives are used to create a positive image of a person. They highlight a person’s good features and show them in a positive light. Such adjectives will come in handy if you want to describe your favorite people without using lengthy words or phrases.

Here’s a list of words starting with “a” that will help whenever you want to paint a picture with words that are imaginative, thought-provoking, or simply descriptive.

  • able
  • abiding
  • abundant
  • absolute
  • accepting
  • accountable
  • accurate
  • adept
  • admirable
  • adroit
  • advanced
  • advantageous
  • affable
  • affectionate
  • alacritous
  • allegiant
  • alluring
  • altruistic
  • amaranthine
  • amazing
  • ambitious
  • amiable
  • amenable
  • angelic
  • appealing
  • appropriate
  • approachable
  • ardent
  • attractive
  • auspicious
  • awesome

Negative Adjectives That Start With “A”

Negative adjectives help you spotlight the negative features of a person or portray someone in a negative light. Here are some descriptive words that start with a, to use when writing negatively about people.

  • abhorrent
  • abject
  • abominable
  • abrasive
  • abusive
  • abysmal
  • acerbic
  • acrimonious
  • adversarial
  • afraid
  • aggressive
  • agonizing
  • ailing
  • alienated
  • aloof
  • amoral
  • annoying
  • antagonistic
  • apocalyptic
  • argumentative
  • arrogant
  • asinine
  • avaricious
  • awkward

Descriptive Words That Start With A

And what if you want to describe the sky, nature’s landscape, or a beautiful portrait? Adjectives are the way to go! You can use artistic adjectives that begin with “A” to express your thoughts concisely yet powerfully.

  • abloom
  • aesthetic
  • aglow
  • airy
  • alabaster
  • alight
  • amber
  • ambient
  • amethyst
  • ample
  • appetizing
  • aquamarine
  • arctic
  • aromatic
  • aubergine
  • azure

Neutral Adjectives That Start With “A”

Here’s a list of adjectives to use in neutral or general situations.

  • academic
  • acceptable
  • accessible
  • active
  • actual
  • adamant
  • additional
  • administrative
  • alive
  • alluvial
  • ambivalent
  • ancient
  • annual
  • anonymous
  • applicable
  • astronomical
  • audio
  • auricular
  • automatic
  • available
  • average
  • avuncular
  • aware
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Wrapping Up

Adjectives are the most concise way of describing something. They provide more detail about a noun or pronoun and make writing more exciting and appealing to readers.

Adjectives are powerful and can capture the reader’s attention. However, it’s up to you to decide what adjective is the most suitable for your piece. We’ve collected some of the best descriptive words that start with “A” to help you describe concepts, people, or things more accurately.

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