100 Best Either or Questions Worth Exploring

We have curated the best either or questions which can be used as a type of trivia or non-verbal quizzes that gives two options. They are great for social situations when you want to know about the person’s interests, favorite drinks, or other things.

These questions are great for kids, teens, and adults. Some are meant to spark conversations, and others are intended to help you figure out the individual’s character. Let’s dive in!

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Hilarious This or That Questions

These questions are hilarious and are meant to stir the pot and get you talking. Try these “this or that” questions now!

  • Is it your poor choice of hairstyle or your poorly executed dye job? 
  • Which would you rather eat: pizza with pineapple or candy corn? 
  • Are there any examples of talking animals or infants? 
  • Which would be more life-changing: finding your soulmate or winning the lottery? 
  • Do the lyrics to a movie get mixed up sometimes? 
  • Do a dry run, or jump right in? 
  • Do you see the glass as half full or half empty?
  • Tomato sauce or ranch dressing? 
  • What’s the deal with phones in restrooms? 
  • Price first or star rating?

Great This or That Questions for Girls

These questions are guaranteed to make you think hard and long. Topics like these are great to talk about and can provide hours of conversation across the dinner table, movie theater, and at a party.

  • How about some sauce with that? 
  • Which do you prefer, crunchy peanut butter or creamy peanut butter? 
  • Vampires or the undead? 
  • Some sort of humorous tale or quip? 
  • Have you got some stinky breath or body odor? 
  • Being extraordinarily productive or completely unproductive? 
  • Have you been sneezing or coughing? 
  • Which is better, air guitar or air drums? 
  • Mechanical humans or prehistoric reptiles?

Best Either Or Questions for Boys

Boys constantly compare one thing with another, so it would be appropriate to ask them these questions. See what they come up with to answer them and have some fun.

  • What’s better, boxers or briefs? 
  • Do you need to spit or faint? 
  • What’s worse: a ticket for speeding or a ticket for not parking? 
  • Who would you rather see: a comedian in a drama, or a dramatic actor in a comedy? 
  • Are silly socks and silly hats more amusing? 
  • What’s bigger, fame on Instagram or an infomercial? 
  • Where can one find an accessible department store or a calorie-free dining establishment? 
  • Codes, signals, or handshakes: how do you keep your secrets safe?
  • The neighbors who are too loud or the ones who are too nosy?

This or That Questions for Adults

Adults are often more unorganized than kids, so answering any one of these questions queries would depend on personality. What age group you’re in will affect the answer to most questions, so choose questions carefully. 

  • Which is better, a trip away or a week at home? 
  • What’s better, Netflix or Hulu? 
  • Which comes first, the night or the morning? 
  • Which would you rather be: famous and wealthy or wealthy but unknown? 
  • Traveler or motorist? 
  • To visit a museum of art or history? 
  • Are you going to take the car or the bike? 
  • How about a plane or a train? 
  • Have a debt to pay or a favor to repay? 
  • Do you want coffee with that or tea?

This or That Questions for Students

 If a student is trying to figure out what to do, this question can help him refine his logic. It can also help him identify his interests and his strengths.

  • Should you jump right into your assignments or put them off before the very end? 
  • Is it better if I know English or Math? 
  • Do you prefer the gym or the gallery? 
  • Technology or the past? 
  • Work in pairs or on your own? 
  • DIY endeavors: scientific or creative? Y
  • You didn’t bring a notebook or a pencil, did you? 
  • Should your teacher read aloud your text message or reveal your grade to the whole class? 
  • What’s better, driving or taking the bus to class? 
  • Do you prefer a cluttered locker or a neat one?

Final Thoughts

Spending a few minutes with pals playing this or that question game is easy and fun. You can quickly gain valuable information about individuals and pupils by asking our best either or questions. These questions can lead to more in-depth, thought-provoking, and humorous discussions.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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