Random History Questions For History Games

A great icebreaker game is playing trivia even though you don’t know the answer. It is always fun to guess — and you can learn a lot by playing.

There are various trivia questions in this history section that you can use to begin your trivia studies. Is history trivia fun for you? Are you an avid history buff? Have you a memory of dates, names, and historical events that others have long forgotten?

Let us be your Hero with our random History questions.

Categories Of Random History Questions

General History Questions

  • Who was elected President of the United States on July 3, 1853?
  • Who was the first elected President of the United States? What was the lifespan?
  • What were the significant causes of World War I?
  • What were the fundamental reasons for World War II?
  • Who were the top two military leaders during World War II?

1. History Artifacts Questions

  • Where was the first flag presented to General George Washington?
  • Where was the first Civil War battle?
  • Where was the first US victory in World War II?
  • The first skyscraper, what country?
  • The first golf course, what country?

2. History Events

  • What was the National Hockey League?
  • When did the government get its first capital, and where?
  • When did they move the capital to Capitol Hill?
  • When did the country become the United States?
  • What was the last capital the country held?
  • What social event took place in this country that was considered the most famous?
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Random American History Questions

1. American Leaders

  • Why is George Washington considered the father of our country?
  • How do you think it felt for Robert E. Lee (1831-1890) to give the order to “Pick up the weapons”?
  • Why did Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) have such a large following?
  • How many Inaugurations took place in the country after the civil war?
  • How would you rate Franklin Delano Clinton (b.1946) as a President? What was his only accomplishment?
  • What achievement did he hold that would be considered very important?
  • Why was he impeached?

2. American Wars History Questions

  • Why is the Civil War (1861-1865) considered the bloodiest war?
  • How many soldiers were killed in the Civil War?
  • What event created discouragement that brought an end to slavery?
  • What event led to Lincoln’s reelection?
  • Who murdered Abraham Lincoln? 
  • Why are we still mourning him?
  • Why did Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) deny that he favored abolishing slavery when he was in office?

3. The Spanish-American War (1898)

  • What were Pinero’s recommendations for the Philippines? 
  • What happened?
  • How would you have fought the Spanish? 
  • What was the effect on Cuba?
  • What was the reason for McKinley’s assassination?
  • What do you think caused the Spanish-American War? What had gone wrong?

4.Tennessee v. Sleaford (1867)

  • What was the purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution? 
  • What was the purpose of due process?
  • What were the various bills that Congress used to help enslaved people become citizens? 
  • What were the difficulties of citizenship? 
  • How did the Supreme Court in 1884 overturn the Supreme Court decision seven years before, upholding the Dred Scott decision? 

5. Rhode Island v. Green (1842)

  • How did the borders of a state change during the three hundred years following the Revolution?
  • What was the First Amendment to the Constitution? 
  • Why were there such tremendous debates over the wording?
  • What were the situations that led to the adoption of the 15th Amendment? 
  • Why do you consider the 15th Amendment in the Constitution?
  • Why do you still have so many groups that want to repeal the 15th Amendment?


If you have a group of friends, the following random history questions are helpful for history games. Leave some on the table and make them your own.

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Random History Questions For History Games

A great icebreaker game is playing trivia even though you don’t know the answer. It is always fun to guess…

November 30, 2022