The Biggest Philosophical Questions Worth Exploring

It’s lovely to take a break from everyday life once in a while and think about what matters most. The biggest philosophical questions will expand your mind and allow you to brainstorm.

We have existential questions that are challenging to answer and are designed to get at the meat of the human condition.

These questions will get you thinking about things from a different angle and make for excellent conversation starters. It’s also a lot of fun to get to know your friends and family better by asking them meaningful questions.

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Amazing Philosophical Questions

Philosophy asks fundamental questions that demand significant reasoning, not empirical research. Here are some questions that will make you think hard.

  • Do endorphins and other chemicals in the brain explain all of life’s joys, or is there more to it than that 
  • What does a good life mean? 
  • Is God real? 
  • Where do you find things that are not up for interpretation? 
  • Is the universe ruled by random chance, or does it have some underlying order? 
  • Do we have any viable alternatives to capitalism? 
  • What exactly is the nature of our conscious experience? 
  • Which do you value more, respect or popularity?

The Biggest Philosophical Questions You Should Ask

These are some of the best collections of philosophical inquiries to ponder the meaning of life, the cosmos, and everything.

  • Should people make an effort to improve themselves? 
  • If life has any purpose, what is it? 
  • Is it preferable or undesirable to have a large ego? 
  • Do you need to have a plan and destination in life? 
  • What’s your take on sudden death? 
  • Have we lost some of our joy in this highly advanced technological era? 
  • Is achieving personal fulfillment the single most important goal you can have? 
  • Is free will a thing? 
  • How about if you had to kill 10 people to save 100?

Great Questions for Philosophical Analysis

These philosophical questions will spark thought and discussion. History and philosophy are a big part of being open-minded, so start a conversation with your friends and family today.

  • Which comes more naturally, love or being loved? 
  • Do selfless deeds have ulterior purposes? 
  • What’s more real, the mind or the body? 
  • Is romantic love just a feeling, or is there more to it than that? 
  • Where do ideas originate? 

Mind-Blowing Philosophical Questions 

Philosophy explores areas that conventional scientific methods either ignore or refuse to investigate. Can you answer these questions?

  • Whence did human beings come before their birth? 
  • What is true friendship? 
  • What causes gravity, and how does it operate? 
  • Can a person be happy if they do nothing? 
  • Do we live in a world where the Law of Attraction holds? 
  • Do we no longer feel things because of our dependence on technology? 
  • Can an event be changed through observation? 
  • At what point does the universe stop?

Key Philosophical Questions to Explore

Philosophers can offer insight into life’s most fundamental concerns since they are free to muse about everything from metaphysics to ethics.

  • Do ideal lives even exist? 
  • What does eternity mean? 
  • Why bother trying to improve ourselves if perfection is unreachable? 
  • Does efficient use of time allow us to live fulfilling lives? 
  • What matters more, being liked or respected?
  • Is there any point in living without companionship? 
  • Where does one’s spirit call home? 
  • Can love be measured? 
  • Do we have any purpose here on Earth?

Critical Philosophical Issues about Life

Whether you’re interested in philosophical questions about what causes happiness or are intrigued by issues about ethics, these questions should stimulate you.

  • When the world ends, what will happen? 
  • To what extent does one’s spirituality contribute to his or her contentment? 
  • What exactly is schooling? 
  • Is there evidence that those with much knowledge tend to be less content than the general population? 
  • Is there a surefire formula for finding contentment? 
  • When and how did everything start?


Consider this list of philosophical questions, and you’ll find it stimulating to think about life from a new perspective. The biggest philosophical questions are always worth exploring. They give form and substance to our search for the meaning of life.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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