Best Board Game Questions for 2022!

Are board games your absolute favorite thing in the world? Awesome! Take this test to find out how much you really know about board games.

From Monopoly to Cluedo and Twister, you will find over 65 questions about board games. This includes trivia, multiple choice and a board games picture quiz!

The questions are pretty varied and will be about the games, the colours, the rules but also the manufacturers and some historical aspects. You will need pretty extensive knowledge to score all the points here but don’t worry, there are some easy questions and some harder ones. This means that everyone can take this ultimate quiz about board games and have fun!

In today’s post, we are going to look at some board game questions to enflame your imagination!

Why Board Games Are Important?

Photo by Aksel Fristrup on Unsplash

We are all aware that 2020 was an incredibly unexpected year for each of us. We had no idea how we would pass the days during the lockdown.

Friends grew distant, eating out was prohibited, and even the offices were closed. Playing video games indoors was our only option for breaking up our lazy routine. Board games were a popular choice among us. Board games have seen a record increase in sales as a result of the lockdown; some stores are currently out of stock.

These days, one of the best options for you to keep yourself fresh is playing trivia board games. Trivia contests are a great way to involve everyone at any game night or party. And they also have the advantage of increasing and broadening your knowledge. Therefore, playing trivia will help you become a master of trivia board games.

Top Board Game Questions!

  • How many knights does each player have at the start of a chess game?
  • In the game of Monopoly, what color is the priciest street?
  • What are the necessary items to gather in a game of trivial pursuit?
  • Which business makes Cranium?
  • What do players need to do in Pictionary to get their partner to guess the word?
  • When playing Rummikub, how many jokers are there?
  • You need to locate King Kandy in which racing game.
  • In the game Cards Against Humanity, what color are the question cards?
  • Which word-guessing game forbids using the given the word or any of the five additional terms listed on the card?
  • What game requires you to touch the opposing player’s ship fleet?
  • How many dice are used in the game of backgammon?
  • How many different categories does Trivial Pursuit have?
  • Which letters in Scrabble have a value of 1 point each and 10 points?
  • What game contains Funatomy components?
  • How do you take the other player’s pieces in a game of draughts?
  • How many individuals are required to play Guess Who?
  • Whom did the murder victim in Cluedo go by?
  • Which American city’s streets served as the inspiration for the original Monopoly board game?
  • What board game impacts the phrase “back to square one”?
  • What shade of green does a Science and Nature wedge in the original Trivial Pursuit look like?
  • Which board game involves buying and selling real estate?
  • What game features bishops and rooks?
  • Which character race from Dungeons and Dragons has a vision range that is twice that of a human in low light?
  • Which game uses sixteen dice arranged in a four-by-four grid?
  • After using a “wild” card in Uno, what options are available to the player?
  • Each Yahtzee player receives a certain number of rolls of the dice.


Board games are a great alternative to traditional video games that can be played and enjoyed for hours.

Board games are a great way for families and friends to spend time together and bond. Between the laughs, you will also find the occasional argument or tense moment. However, that’s just another way to make the experience a little more interesting.

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