Most Common HR Questions In Interviews 2022!

Is it great to be able to predict the questions a hiring manager would ask you during your upcoming job interview?

Unfortunately, we are unable to read minds. But we can provide you with the next best thing. A list of the most frequent interview queries, along with advice on how to answer each one.

We advise against being prepared with an answer for every interview question. We do suggest taking the time to learn about the kinds of inquiries they might make of you. The qualities that hiring managers are really looking for in answers.

So do what it takes to prove that you’re the best candidate for the position. Use this list as a resource for studying interview questions and answers.

In today’s post, we’ll look at some common HR questions and some answers for them!

Common HR Questions and Answers!

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Example Question #1: Could You Briefly Introduce Yourself And Outline Your Background For Me?

Here is one of the most common HR questions! Interviewers enjoy hearing anecdotes about candidates. Make sure your story has a strong start, an exciting middle, and a satisfying conclusion that will make the interviewer want you.

Mention a pertinent event that sparked your interest in the profession you’re pursuing, and then move on to talk about your education. Include details in the narrative that demonstrate how your work experience.

You are an excellent candidate for the position thanks to your education and enthusiasm for the field or industry the company specializes in. Mention any challenging projects you’ve led or particularly interesting or unusual designs you’ve worked on.

Example Answer:

Since there were few opportunities in my small hometown, I grew up there. Since there weren’t many good schools around, I started using online education to keep up with the best. I started learning how to code there, after which I pursued computer programming certification. I continued to devote time to understanding both front-end and back-end languages, tools, and frameworks after I landed my first job as a programmer.

Example Question #2: How Were You Made Aware Of This Position?

Employers are interested in knowing if you are actively seeking out their business. Or learned about the position from a recruiter, or were referred to the job by a current employee. To put it briefly, they are curious about how you found them.

Make sure to mention the person’s name if they referred you for the position. Contrary to popular belief, the interviewer may not be aware of the referral. You should follow up by explaining how you know the person who recommended you. 

If you actively sought out the position, be clear about what it was that appealed to you. Bonus points if you can demonstrate how your values align with the organization and its mission. You want to persuade the hiring manager that there are a few key reasons why you chose their company over all others.

Lastly, describe why you fell into the trap if someone hired you. Does this position sound like a good fit for you? Does it fit with how you want to develop professionally? Even if you had no prior knowledge of the company before being hired, be enthusiastic about what you’ve discovered. And open about your motivations for continuing the application process.

Example Answer:

I found out about the position on LinkedIn because I’ve been keeping up with your company page for a while. I was eager to apply because I am very passionate about your work in the X, Y, and Z areas. The necessary skills are a good fit with those I already possess. And it seems like a fantastic opportunity to support your mission and the next step in my career.

Example Question #3: Which Kind Of Workplace Are You Most Interested In?

Prior to the interview, make sure you’ve done some research on the company and its culture. Thanks to your research, you’re going to get out of this one. The company’s workplace environment should closely match your ideal setting (and if it doesn’t, it might not be a good fit for you). On the company’s website, for instance, you might discover that they value autonomy and collaboration or that their organizational structure is flat. You can use key phrases to elucidate your response to this query.

Get a personal experience from the company’s culture if the interviewer says something about it you were unaware of. You want to demonstrate how your work ethic aligns with the company.

Example Answer:

I think that is fantastic. I like fast-paced work environments because they give me the impression that I’m always learning and developing. Still, I excel when working in a team and assisting others in reaching a common goal rather than competing with them. I thoroughly enjoyed that balance during my previous internship at a company with a comparable culture.

Continuing Our Selection of New Common HR Questions!

Example Question #4: What Professional Background Do You Have That Would Be Useful In This Position?

It can help recruiters determine whether candidates believe they are qualified for the position and are well informed. The most qualified applicants will be happy to discuss how their prior experience relates to the job description.

Example Answer:

You declared in your job posting that you’re looking for someone with skill in inbound sales. Actually, I worked as a sales representative for about three years at a neighborhood shop. During this time, I progressed the skills necessary to approach clients and determine their needs by asking the appropriate questions. I gained experience managing challenging clients and resolving emergencies. I also possess the ability to be persistent without coming across as pushy, which I believe is a great asset for any salesperson.

Question #5: What Made You Choose To Apply For This Position?

This inquiry seeks to gauge the applicant’s level of interest in the position. Do they genuinely want to be hired for this particular job, or do they simply mass-apply to every job posting there is? Candidates must demonstrate that submitting this application was a deliberate choice on their part.

Example Answer:

I’ve been keeping up with your business’s achievements for a while, and I’m aware that you have a top-notch software development team. My internship and Master’s degree would be ideal for me to apply these skills. Therefore, I frequently checked your careers page and came across this job, so I decided it was finally time to get started. I have experience in web development and am interested in the subject. I genuinely believe I’m a good fit for the position and that working with you will help me progress even further.

Question #6: Tell Me About Your Strengths and Weaknesses for This Important Role

This is one of those questions that you should always expect and prepare for before the interview. If you answer this question with success in your job interview for the company, it will help you land the job! 

Sometimes interview questions can help you land a great job at a brilliant company. Look deep within your own career before going in the interview with the company you want to work in. Talking about your skills and abilities as a candidate here honestly will help the HR manager to know more about your career


Being a highly qualified candidate for any job is always important. But generally speaking, employees across the entire labour market have a significant advantage over those with no experience. But you are not where you think you are in the world of HR interviews. And the list of questions will be both lengthy and difficult, sometimes even requiring the candidate to bring in their own answers and ideas.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the most common HR questions that you might be asked in your job interview. These can come in for a good position in a good company for your career.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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