Fun Company Trivia Questions For Games At Work

Nothing beats a classic round of trivia for a fun and simple activity that suits a workplace environment!

One aspect of trivia games is that you can play them with various abilities and settings. Trivia games promote teamwork, and you can customize them to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills. Those skills are fundamental in any business.

Hence, Company trivia questions are ideal for team-building events, whether in the office or at home during a virtual meeting. 

How To Choose Company Trivia Questions?

Trivia questions tend to be general or easy. You can choose questions illustrating a company’s overview or business functions. Such questions may be about the company’s history and vision.

You may ask questions involving competitive elements and a company’s processes. If you want to keep the tone light, you may choose diet or health habits questions.

Review the companies you want to feature on the game board. You can create queries based on the focus of the particular company. For example, the nationalities of the most numerous shareholders.

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General Company Trivia Questions

Start by asking a few basic questions about your company to get started at your next meeting. This exercise may be a helpful refresher for yourself or the CEO. For additional suggestions, these questions can be presented after your new employee induction session to recap the information you detailed in your presentation. 

  • When did the company begin?
  • Where can I find the closest coffee shop to my office? By foot, how many miles away is it?
  •  What percent of our clients gave excellent customer feedback? 
  • How can you tell which celebrity (insert employee name) you’ve always wanted to meet? 
  • Where are similar companies in your industry ranked? 
  • What’s your overall leadership philosophy? 

It is helpful to have a CEO or top leadership person present to share these answers. You should consider how to tweak the information your new colleague learned. 

How To Organize Company Trivia Games

You may consider a trivia quiz to be something of lighthearted entertainment. Nevertheless, we know that they are so much more than that. Take a moment, relax, and work with some friendly competition to find out who knows the most. 

A lot of fun can occur during trivia nights with coworkers, even more so when many quiz topics are available. You can warm up the audience. Games, puzzles, gimmicks, and activities make it easy to break through quizzes. Healthy competition is essential to everyone. However, make sure that team-building activities are fun. 

It’s simple and fast to begin a trivia game. With few resources, you can initiate trivia games in most cases. Here’s how to get started;

1. The format in which the game will be played should be determined.

Various designs are commonly used, including pen and paper, tablets, and smartphones. Try to gather some trivia questions. You should select various materials to keep each round interesting and assure accuracy. 

Place a host. Keeping the pace, announcing questions, keeping score, and helping everyone respond are the objectives of their services. 

2. It is the team with the overall points who wins it!

This list of team trivia questions & answers is likely to inspire you. And you may be inspired to use them to spice up your virtual team-building session.


 Whether you’re playing a game at work or home, a game can either be fun or an awful experience for everyone involved. A few key components to remember when organizing your game with trivia questions and games include:

  • Choosing an overarching theme.
  • Finding the most appropriate questions to have.
  • Ensuring the events are relevant.

Consider having company or office-specific questions if desired

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