Conflict Resolution Interview Questions to Manage Disputes

No one likes conflict, especially in the workplace. But disagreements among co-workers and team members are inevitable at times. During interviews, hiring managers could probe you on conflict resolution questions to gauge how well you can handle conflicts at work.

The purpose of conflict resolution questions is to assess how you handle and settle disputes at the workplace. Employers ask you these questions to learn more about your stress management skills and capacity to constructively and politely resolve interpersonal conflicts.

This article lists the most common conflict interview question with explanations of how to approach them.

Top 6 Conflict Resolution Questions

One of the numerous challenges you’ll face at work is conflict resolution. And when interviewing for a new role, you must showcase your skills and abilities to approach any situation.

Here are some questions hiring managers often use to gauge your conflict-resolution skills and the best approach for responding to them.

How Do You Settle Conflicts?

Working with others is a must for the majority of employment. And conflict can arise due to differences in personalities, viewpoints, and ideas.

Employers want to know if you can handle these situations politely and professionally. Be truthful in your response when it comes to how you handle these circumstances. If you struggle with disagreements, admit it and describe the steps you are taking to manage it better.

Tell Me About an Example When You Had a Conflict With a Co-Worker.

This is a behavioral interview question. So you should use it as an opportunity to discuss an instance when you successfully dealt with a conflict with a coworker.

Make sure to pick a situation where you and your coworker were able to settle the conflict amicably without the need for your superiors. Demonstrate your ability to solve problems. Don’t blame the other person in your response; instead, concentrate on the facts.

How Do You Handle Differences of Opinion When Working in a Team? Give an Example.

Conflict resolution always requires a team effort. Although agreeing with coworkers is not always easy, it isn’t a fair excuse to undervalue their contribution. It should be no surprise that many organizations look for applicants with great cooperation abilities.

Hiring managers want to know that you respect differences of opinion. And you understand how different points of view can lead to greater solutions than if everyone merely agreed on the same thing.

Therefore, your answer to this question should emphasize that you are open to different viewpoints.

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Describe a Time When You Disagreed With Your Manager and How You Handled the Situation.

You might disagree with a manager in the past, just as you might have a conflict with a team member. This question could reveal how you handle disputes with people in positions of authority and how that might affect your ability to complete tasks.

Describe a Situation Where You Disagreed With a Rule or Policy and How You Handled It.

You might have encountered rules in previous jobs that you didn’t feel confident following. Explain why or why not you would carry out the allocated tasks even if you disagree with the rule or policy that governs them.

Give an example of a rule or policy that you disagreed with. Mention how you communicated your disagreement and resolved the conflict so that you could carry out your assigned obligations.

Describe a Time You Had to Deal With an Unhappy Customer.

How you handle customer disputes is a public concern, especially in the era of the Internet. When interviewing for a client-facing position, those roles often come with a lot of responsibility. It can be quite costly for the business to lose a significant client or customer.

Demonstrate your willingness to go above and beyond to make customers happy. This shows that you know the importance of providing good customer service. Your story should emphasize the successful outcome, just like any other behavioral interview topic.


De-escalating conflict before it even begins is one of the most crucial things you can do to succeed in any industry.

Preparation, strategic thinking, and the ability to keep a cool head are paramount when it comes to resolving conflicts. This article outlines effective conflict resolution questions to help you prepare better before an interview.

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