Daily Check in Questions for Productive Meetings

Many forms of daily check in questions can contribute to the more important goals of a meeting. If you ask the right questions during check-ins, you can get everyone up to speed on the project’s status, build rapport, and have fun.

This article discusses check-in questions for daily stand-ups, project meetings, one-on-ones, icebreakers, and team meetings. If you want your meeting check-in to be genuinely beneficial, read on. 

Questions to Ask During Your Daily Stand-Ups

Each team member presents key, high-level information about their daily work at the stand-up meeting. It is important to note that daily stand-up meetings are also known as a daily scrum. Some people refer to it as a huddle, or roll call.

These brief morning meetings help keep projects moving forward and ensure no vital information is missing. Teams working on software projects tend to favor them.

Daily stand-ups often consist of three check-in questions asked of team members: 

  • Is there anything stopping you from reaching your goals?
  • How possible is it to achieve success?
  • When it comes to your specific responsibilities, how will you know if you’ve succeeded?
  • Is there anything that could go wrong with delivering these results?

The project’s planning and execution phases can be seamless if the proper questions are asked at the right times. Once a project gets rolling, regular checks on its progress help keep things on track. Check-in questions at the initiation of a planning process could be as follows:

  • What specific concerns do you have about bringing this project to a close?
  • Why are you so sure that there are certain things that I should modify or give up altogether?
  • What exactly are you doing right this minute that nobody saw coming?
  • How significantly does that modify your current tasks?
  • What effect have your corrections had on the bigger picture?
  • When working on a similar project in the future, how can we make it better?
  • How do I get access to the materials I need to maintain the project’s momentum?
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Questions for Team Check-Ins

The most effective group gatherings highlight accomplishments, share relevant information and generate concrete next steps. Here are some questions for your check-in weekly team meetings or even larger team gatherings:

  • Tell me of a few recent successes at work.
  • How does the work-life balance for this week fall short?
  • What did you enjoy most about the past month?
  • What or who has inspired you this week?
  • Which of your abilities do you not want to use professionally?
  • Please share an experience in which you handled stress effectively. Give me one suggestion for how we can better serve our customers.
  • Tell me about some of the things that make your time spent in our team particularly rewarding.

Personal Daily Check in Questions

One-on-one meetings help cement bonds, reveal roadblocks to team members’ achievement, and keep everyone on the same page regarding their priorities.

Good questions for one-on-one meetings can help you acquire the answers you need. But, these gatherings must be well handled to avoid being too informal and unproductive.

  • Which activity takes up the bulk of your day? Please enlighten me on your many achievements.
  • Then why don’t you just crank out even more?
  • Kindly let me know how it is that I can contribute to your cause. Describe the aspects of your job that keep you going strong.
  • Tell me how your worries manifest themselves. In what ways will this position help you move forward in your career?
  • Tell me how you feel about the group you’re a part of. I need to know when you plan on getting some rest. Feel like the top brass really has your back?

Amusing Icebreakers and Check-in Questions

Good icebreakers are a means of starting off on the right note. We have your back if you’re hoping to use icebreakers in a method that also serves as a check-in.

Check out these funny icebreakers that double as check-in questions:

  • Is there a specific coworker you wish you could have a private chat with?
  • The question is, what superpower would multiply your efficiency by ten?
  • Moreover, if you do listen to music while you work, what kind of music do you prefer?
  • What made you laugh out loud while working?

Final Words

Daily check in inquiries can be helpful for various purposes, including establishing rapport and assessing progress on a project. 

Ensure your meetings have a greater purpose and use these questions to elicit richer insights about your team dynamics and its output.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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