Daily Check in Questions for Productive Meetings

Many forms of daily check in questions can contribute to the important…

Many forms of daily check in questions can contribute to the important goals of a meeting. Check-ins ensure everyone is up to speed on the project’s status, create rapport, and have some fun if you know what questions to ask.

This article discusses questions for stand-ups, project meetings, one-on-ones, icebreakers, and team meetings. If you want your meeting check-in to be genuinely beneficial, read on. 

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Questions to Ask During Your Daily Stand-Ups

Each team member presents key, high-level information about their daily work at the stand-up meeting. It is important to note that daily stand-up meetings are the same as a daily scrum or roll call.

These brief morning meetings help keep projects moving forward and ensure no vital information is missing. Teams working on software projects tend to favor them.

  • Daily stand-ups often consist of three check-in questions asked of team members: 
  • What did you do the day before? 
  • Tell me about your day’s agenda. 
  • Is there anything stopping you from reaching your goals? 
  • Can I achieve my goals? 
  • What metrics will you use to determine if your contribution was successful? 
  • Is there anything that could go wrong with delivering these results?

Check-in questions for meetings at the beginning of a planning process

Asking the right questions at the right time can help avoid problems during project planning and execution. Once a project gets rolling, regular checks on its progress help keep things on track.

  • Is there something specific we should avoid, modify, or give up doing, and why? 
  • Do youwant your duties modified? 
  • Please explain how your changes have affected the bigger picture. 
  • When working on a similar project in the future, how can we make it better? 
  • What do I need to know to keep this project on track?

Questions for Team Check-Ins

The most productive meetings are those that highlight previous work, share important data, and plan for the next steps to be taken.

Asking the right kinds of “check-in” questions at team meetings can be beneficial in more ways than one. Ask yourselves some variation on the following questions at your weekly team meetings. At larger team events to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Here are some good check in questions.

  • How occupied are you at work?
  • Please update me on the recent successes you’ve had at work.
  • How does the work-life balance for this week fall short? 
  • During the past month, what brought you the most joy? 
  • This week, who, if anyone, inspired you to take action?
  •  Is there a particular talent of yours that you would rather not use professionally? 
  • Give me an example of a time when you handled stress well. 
  • Give me one suggestion on how we can better serve our customers. 
  • Tell me what you appreciate most about being a part of our team. 
  • If you were given an extra day off every week, how would you spend it?

Personal Daily Check in Questions

One-on-one meetings help cement bonds, reveal roadblocks to team members’ achievement, and keep everyone on the same page regarding their priorities.

Good questions for one-on-one meetings can help you acquire the answers you need. But, these gatherings must be handled carefully to avoid being too informal and unproductive.

  • What takes up the bulk of your time each day?
  • Recount a few of your most notable achievements for me. 
  • How can I contribute to your cause?
  • Kindly elaborate on what it is about your work that excites you the most. 
  • What are the specific ways in which your anxiety manifests itself. 
  • How will this position help you get where you want to go in your career? 
  • What are your thoughts on the group you’re part of?
  • If you want to sleep, when can you do it?
  • Do you believe the top brass has your back?

Amusing Icebreakers and Check-in Questions

Good icebreakers are a means of getting a gathering off on the right foot.

We have your back if you’re hoping to use icebreakers in a method that also serves as a check-in. Check out these funny icebreakers that double as check-in questions:

  • If you could have an off-the-record chat with only one of your coworkers, which one would it be?
  • What made you roar with laughter in the office?
  • Do you think the place you just visited would be good for a month of full-time work?
  • Which superpower would tenfold your effectiveness?
  • Please describe the ideal app you’d design for our business if you had a free reign over its implementation.
  • Do you listen to music while you work, and if so, what kind?

Wrapping Up

Daily check in questions are useful for getting to know someone better and gauging how far along a project is. Put more thought into the goals of your meetings. Use these probes to learn more about the inner workings of your team and the results they produce.

Daily Check in Questions for Productive Meetings

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