Fun Would You Rather Dating Questions

The whole would you rather game has become such a recent craze on social media. It involves asking questions that make you decide between two interesting choices.

They can be a fun way to get a few laughs with your partner and get to know them better. To save you some time from looking for questions, we’ve gathered some of the best dating would you rather questions for you.

The questions in this article will make them pick between interests, date preferences, hobbies, and so on. These are sure to make your dates a whole lot more interesting!

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Fun Dating Would You Rather Questions

Flirtatious Questions

Make your date spicier with these flirty would you rather questions. They’re great for games over late dinner or a chill picnic. Your date will surely get hotter and more playful.

  • Would you rather fall in love fast, or do you prefer to take your time?
  • Would you rather date long-term or be engaged long-term?
  • Would you rather kiss and tell or keep things a secret?
  • Would you instead go out every weekend or stay at home watching movies?
  • Would you rather have someone pay for your meal or pay for yours?
  • Would you rather receive an expensive gift or a thoughtful letter?
  • Would you rather hug for an hour or kiss for 1 minute?
  • Would you rather forget your partner’s birthday or your anniversary?
  • Would you rather be a famous Hollywood couple or a powerful business couple?
  • Would you instead go out for dinner or drinks? 

Interesting Would You Rather Questions

Get to know some exciting things about your date by asking them these questions. It will tell a lot about their personality and lifestyle.

  • Would you rather pass away and be forgotten or “leave a legacy”?
  • Would you rather be able to only shower in the rain or lakes?
  • Would you rather be rich or have the ability to learn to read minds?
  • Would you rather live forever and be alone or only live for a year with your soulmate?
  • Would you rather meet your role models or be a role model to others?
  • Would you rather be a genius at math or incredible at art?
  • Would you rather be famous on TV or on the internet?
  • Would you rather swim in an ocean full of sharks or go skydiving?
  • Would you rather visit the South or the North Pole?
  • Would you rather live life without friends or love?

Questions About Interests

There’s always something new that you can learn about your date or partner. Get to know their interests better, so you know what they’ll like doing on dates or maybe for a gift on their birthday.

  • Would you rather attend a basketball game or a baseball game?
  • Would you rather go to a concert or a school play?
  • Would you rather play video games with friends or alone?
  • Would you rather get into an extreme and dangerous sport or enjoy crafts at home?
  • Would you rather go to a dog show or a horse race?
  • Would you instead practice your singing voice or learn to play an instrument?
  • Would you rather wash the dishes or cook dinner?
  • Would you rather spend your time with older people or younger people?
  • Would you rather have a fancy and expensive dinner or a quiet picnic in the woods?
  • Would you rather spend time outside or inside?

Quick and Fun Questions

You’re guaranteed to get some laughs with these quick and fun questions. Try asking these when you’re on a road trip or a get-together with friends. They’re a great way to spark conversation!

  • Would you rather text or call?
  • Would you rather go without sleep or food? 
  • Would you rather swim or run a marathon?
  • Have more time or more money?
  • Would you rather be underdressed or overdressed? 
  • Cat or dog person? 
  • Would you rather be funny or kind? 
  • Stay single or with someone toxic?
  • Would you rather be with friends or family?
  • Would you rather have physical pain or emotional pain?

Weird Questions for Fun

Get them thinking and laughing with these weird questions. They will never see these coming!

  • Would you rather not shower or brush your teeth for a month? 
  • Would you rather kiss a person with body odor or bad breath? 
  • Would you rather lose your hearing or vision? 
  • Would you rather live twice as long or win the lottery? 
  • Would you rather live in the Sahara Dessert or Antarctica? 
  • Would you rather own your plane or boat?
  • Would you rather go through a zombie apocalypse or live in a dystopian future?
  • Would you rather be in a haunted house or trapped in the jungle? 
  • Would you rather have a pet snake or a pet lion?
  • Would you instead have magnified hearing or x-ray vision?

For Couples

For couples who are in a serious relationship, these questions will be perfect for you. They’ll reveal a lot about what they want for the future of your relationship together.

  • Would you rather raise your child to fit in with the group or independent
  • Would you rather your first baby be a son or a daughter?
  • Would you rather have a huge wedding or an intimate one?
  • Would you rather be a working parent or hands-on in your child’s education?
  • Would you rather have an only child or a huge family?
  • Would you rather spend time with your mom or dad?
  • Would you rather spend Christmas with your parents or mine?
  • Would you rather have a beach or church wedding?
  • Would you rather have a pool or a large yard?
  • Would you rather spend your honeymoon in Hawaii or Disney World?


Whether on a road trip or a dinner date, a would-you-rather game will never fail to lighten the mood.

Feel free to use these dating would you rather questions on your next date with your partner. Not only will you laugh your way to a fantastic date, but you’ll also get to know them better!

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