Funny & Unique How Well Do You Really Know Me Questions

How well do you really know me questions are a great way to gauge how close a relationship is between friends or partners. This is an entertaining game mostly played between romantic partners to test their knowledge of each other.

These questions can be a fun approach to discovering how understanding your partner is of your peculiarities, interests, and routines. There is always something new to find out about the other person.

The questions in this article will help couples know each other better while having a fun time.

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Best List of How Well Do You Really Know Me Questions

You can be in a long-term relationship and wonder how much your partner knows about you. It doesn’t matter at what stage you are in the relationship. “How well do you know me” questions can help each partner gauge how attentive the other is to them.

These questions are a great approach to opening up the conversation with your partner in a playful and lighthearted manner. Here’s our pick for the best list of how well do you really know me questions:

Common How Well Do You Know Me Questions

  • Who has impacted my life the most?
  • What was my favorite food as a child?
  • Who do I speak to most frequently on the phone?
  • What is the longest novel that I have ever read?
  • What has been the highlight of my life thus far?
  • Can you name my favorite series?
  • Am I addicted to anything?
  • What’s my favorite ice cream flavor?
  • Which of my earliest memories is my favorite?
  • How do I feel about spicy food?
  • What is my idea about equality?
  • What is my zodiac sign?
  • Would I rather become a well-known actor or musician?
  • What was my most favorite thing to do when I was a kid?
  • Do I enjoy making new friends?

Fun How Well Do You Know Me Questions

  • What are my thoughts on putting pineapple on pizza?
  • Which house would I belong in — Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff?
  • Which TV or movie character makes me think of you?
  • Could you imagine me on a blind date?
  • What keeps me from learning when I’m distracted?
  • Which actor or actress would I be if my life were a movie?
  • When and how did I learn that Santa Claus is a myth?
  • If I could live in any time period, which would it be?
  • Which would I prefer to eat all at once: a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate?
  • What was the worst scenario I ever burst out laughing?
  • What strange behavior did I exhibit as a child?
  • Have I ever harbored feelings for an animated character?
  • What childish pastime do I still enjoy?
  • What fictional character would I want to tie the knot with?
  • Which would I choose to date, the dumb or the ugly?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Couples

  • What did I put on when we first met?
  • What makes me laugh every time?
  • How do you know when I’m not feeling well?
  • What movie always brings me to tears?
  • What would my ideal day involve?
  • Which profession would I never undertake?
  • Which is my favorite place on earth?
  • What always aggravates me?
  • What do I think about open relationships?
  • How did our first date go?
  • What scent do I love the most?
  • What is my worst nightmare?
  • Where do you think I would love to go on my honeymoon?
  • What is something that makes me super jealous?
  • What actors would we play if our lives were movies?
  • Where do my parents work for a living?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions to Ask Friends

  • Who did I have a high school crush on?
  • What exactly causes me to feel nervous?
  • How many countries have I visited?
  • What was my first time being drunk?
  • What are my insecurities?
  • Which outfit do I prefer the most?
  • What was my age when I first started dating?
  • Do I enjoy doing costumes and dressing up?
  • Which grade did I have to repeat in school?
  • What movie most recently brought me to tears?
  • Have I ever had to lose someone close to me?
  • Would I rather choose to be taller or shorter?
  • Who is my favorite celebrity right now?
  • What do I like to do most in the winter?
  • What genre of music do I prefer?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Family

  • Where do I wish to be living in five years?
  • Would I date someone who had no interest in music?
  • Which TV actress is my favorite?
  • What ice cream flavor is my favorite?
  • How do I feel about climate change?
  • What is the most exquisite picture I have ever drawn?
  • What could I discuss all day?
  • How did I manage my emotions and moods as I was growing up?
  • Would I date someone who lived in a house without any books?
  • Where would I prefer to live if I moved to another country?
  • When I eat somewhere, do I bring the leftovers home?
  • Which toy did I love the most as a child?
  • Have I ever encountered a near-death experience?
  • What is one of my greatest insecurities of all time?
  • Do I prefer to travel by myself or in a group?


This article provides a list of how well do you know me questions to ask your family, friends, or partner for a fun time. Learn how much they know about you and your preferences. But if a loved one fails to answer a question, don’t take it to heart!

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