English General Knowledge Questions for Kids

English general knowledge questions for kids are a quick way of…

English general knowledge questions for kids are a quick way of getting children to know more about their world and its history. 

Early exposure to basic general knowledge can impact a child’s development. This is because it heightens their awareness of world issues and sharpens their critical thinking skills.

Students of 4 to 12 can benefit from our collection of general knowledge (GK) questions covering a wide range of topics. 

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Excellent English General Knowledge Questions- Ages 4 to 7

Young children are full of wonder and eager to absorb new information. The following questions are a fun activity for kids to do. The following questions may seem easy at first look, but they will help you set the framework for more advanced learning.

  • How long does a day last?
  • Just how many letters does the English alphabet consist of?
  • How many hues is in a rainbow?
  • A minute consists of how many seconds?
  • How many minutes are there in an hour?
  • A _______ is another name for a juvenile frog.
  • To what animal does one frequently give the moniker “Ship of the Desert”?
  • How many days does a week have?

Fun Trivia to Test Your English Knowledge

Your child’s interest in learning will be piqued by these questions, designed for learners of varying ages and abilities.

  • List out the consonants in English Language
  • How many of the letters that make up the English alphabet are considered to be vowels?
  • Which species of animal is often referred to as “the king of the jungle?”
  • Which continent is the largest on the earth? List all the continents.
  • Name the fundamental colors once you’ve counted to ten.
  • To what month do we have the fewest days?
  • Which hue most effectively conveys calmness?
  • The largest living mammal is called what?

The Ultimate Compendium of Questions for Kids- 8 to 10 Years

Children start discovering new things around them and ask questions at this age. These questions will help little kids learn and stay entertained. 

  • Can you identify the location that has earned the nickname “Roof of the World?”
  • How many years have passed since the dawn of the modern era?
  • Who was the first to set foot on the Moon?
  • Count the world’s oceans and name them.
  • What’s the world’s most dense jungle?
  • What do plants breathe in?


Asking English general knowledge questions is a learning strategy that will help your child develop the fundamentals of almost any subject. Knowledge frees them from rote memorization and allows them to form their perspectives on the world and their place in it.

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English General Knowledge Questions for Kids

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