Ultimate Fun Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

Playing trivia is one of the best ways to learn about new things. And nothing compares to fun pub quiz questions and answers for having a great trivia night with family and friends.

You can choose questions of any difficulty level and make your rules as long as everyone is enjoying and learning something fun. This article compiles interesting pub quiz questions and answers to make your next trivia session more engaging.

What Are Pub Quiz Questions?

Pub quiz questions are questions that ask you facts and information about a particular subject. It’s like a general knowledge test held in a bar, restaurant, or pub.

The participants divide into teams, and the Quiz master asks the questions in rounds. Then the questions are marked, and each team is awarded a score at the end of each round. The team with the highest points at the end of the game is the winner.

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List of Fun Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

Questions like these are meant to put you in a good mood. Here are a few fun pub quiz questions and answers that will give your pub quiz the edge. Check it out and enjoy an exciting trivia night!

Pub Quiz Questions – Round 1

Who has reigned England the longest?

– Queen Elizabeth II

What is the color of the stars on New Zealand’s flag?

– Red

What types of clouds are present around a hurricane’s eye?

– Wall clouds

Which play was written especially for King James I by William Shakespeare?

– Macbeth

Which chess piece has the greatest range of movement?

– The Queen

What is the name of South Korea’s biggest technological firm?

– Samsung

What edible food item never expires or spoils?

– Honey

Which nation consumes the most chocolate per capita?

– Switzerland

What planet is fifth from the sun?

– Jupiter

Which music band has had the most all-time #1 hits?

– The Beatles

Which city in the world has the slogan: “What Happens Here, Only Happens Here.”

– Las Vegas

Pub Quiz Questions – Round 2

Which woman holds the record for most musical Grammy wins?


Who holds the title of “King of Latin Pop”?

Enrique Iglesias

What’s that one thing that the average American does almost 22 times a day?

– Opens the fridge

What was the planet Uranus’ initial name?

– George

What kind of food can be used to create dynamite?

– Peanuts

What do koalas feed their newborns?

– Poop

The weight of a blue whale’s tongue is almost the same as which animal?

– An elephant

What number appears on the black ball in the pool game?

– 8

What is the full form of DNA?

– Deoxyribonucleic acid

In the HBO series Game of Thrones, what is the name of Arya Stark’s sword?

– Needle

Which country has the greatest herd of camels in the world?

– Australia

Pub Quiz Questions – Round 3

Where were the Olympic Games held in 2000?

– Sydney

What nation is home to the most pyramids?

– nation of Sudan

Where in the human body is the smallest bone can be found?

– In the ear

What electric charge does a neutron have?

– None

Which two animals are featured on the Australian coat of arms?

Kangaroo & emu

“Musophobia” is related to the fear of which animal?

– Mice

In English, what does FIFA stand for?

– International Federation of Association Football.

Which nation’s flag is the only one in existence that isn’t a rectangle or square?

– Nepal

What was the highest-grossing animated movie up until Frozen came out in 2013?

– The Lion King

Which actress has been nominated for the most Oscars?

– Meryl Streep

Kratos served as the main character of which video game series? God of War.

– God of War


The game of pub quiz is fun, challenging, and full of suspense. Pub quiz questions can prove difficult but never impossible to master. But the essential feature of these questions is their uniqueness and difficulty level. After all, this is what makes the game so fun and challenging! This article lists some interesting pub quiz questions and answers to set up a fun time with your loved ones.

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