Best Funny Drinking Questions For Friends

Are you looking for some funny drinking questions to ask when playing with friends? You’ve come to the right place.

There’s nothing better than playing a little game with close friends, a few drinks, and jokes to boot. Everyone loves to drink; the best part is the friends you party with. Even better is a game of Truth or Drink or drinking and laughing. 

But drinking isn’t just for people that are good at drinking; when you’re the best at drinking and laughing, you have the best time. Explore these funny questions for your drinking game.

Types Of Funny Drinking Questions

Questions related to the drinking game

The good drinking game questions can lead to people opening up. Whether you are meeting new friends for the first time or looking for a game for your best friends. Start with the following questions to add flair to a fun night of drinking.

Couples’ questions for Truth or drink

Alcohol must be part of what you want to do to learn more about your partner. Playing a truth game or drinking game can be stress-free to learn about each other, torment, and have fun.

Friends’ questions on Truth or drink

Truth or drink is a fun game to play with your best friends, whether you’re getting together for your ten-year reunion. Or you are looking for something to do on a chill Friday night. Also, I love that it lets people who haven’t talked since high school get to know each other again.

Questions Do or Drink

What better way to spice up a party than playing a game of do or drink? For those who want to live life while having fun and not feeling stressed during the week. Do or drink the best way to do it!

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Best Truth Or Drink Question To Ask

Where does Truth or dare come from? That’s so high school. As adults, this new version of everyone’s favorite trouble-stirring game comes with it: Truth or Drink.

One part drinking game and a million parts a chance to get to know you’re playing with, as well as reveal some secrets. This game can best be played by writing these questions (and any other questions) on index cards and shuffling them up. 

There is a chance for everyone to draw from the deck and ask and answer a question. You can pose the question to everyone in the group or the person who made the card. Are you unsure of the answer? You should take a walk! We have some adult-only options for Never Have I Ever.

Funny Drinking Questions

  • Who would win an award for being the most annoying member of your family?
  • Have you thought about buying something to wear to an event and returning it to the store after the event ends?
  • Did You once break up with someone just before a public holiday, so you didn’t have to buy them a gift?
  • Do you want the password for your friend’s phone?
  • What would you choose between going naked and having your thoughts visible in bubbles on your head for all to see?
  • How long ago did you pee in bed? 
  • Would you like to meet your high school crush today?
  • Who do you think is your weirdest off-limits crush?
  • How would you describe having a threesome with people in this room?
  • Do you ever manage your IT business?
  • Do you like being in control in bed, or are you more prone to being told what not to do?
  • Wouldn’t you accept $1 million from someone to break up with your current partner?
  • What is the longest time you’ve left a piece of food on the ground and eaten it?


Truth or drink is a somewhat fun, somewhat serious game that helps people truly get to know someone.

The game is straightforward and simple, but there are some things to keep in mind before playing. We’re going to break down the good, bad, and questionable aspects of the game so you can decide if this drinking game falls into your purchase bucket.

Plus, we have provided a list of some great drinking questions that can help make your game even more interesting!

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