Funny Questions For A Great Podcast

Podcasts are far more than just entertaining – they are…

Podcasts are far more than just entertaining – they are the perfect tool for linking with your listeners and developing personal relationships. You need to use the right questions to start a fun and interesting dialogue. To help you out, we’ve listed dozens of funny podcast questions you can use for interview transcripts. 

Starting your podcast with humorous interview questions is an excellent way to capture listeners. It introduces the show, creates a fun time, and keeps people interested.

With these questions, you can begin to banter back and forth with guests and start conversations that will work wonders for your next show!

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Funny Podcast Questions

Interesting and Funny Questions

Got new guests on your podcast? Try asking them these questions to learn more about them while keeping it fun and light!

  • If you could have any one superpower, what would you want to have?
  • Where would you go if you could visit any place on Earth?
  • What would you bring if you could take just one item to a deserted island?
  • What special ability do you wish you had?
  • Who would win in a fight against each other, Superman or Batman?
  • What sport is the most boring?
  • What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever been to?
  • Where is the most interesting place on Earth?
  • What is one country you never want to go to?
  • Who would you invite if you could invite three people to dinner, living or dead?

Crazy Fun Questions That Will Get Listeners Laughing

It doesn’t get any funnier than these questions. Your guests are bound to be dumbfounded when they hear them for the first time in the best possible way.

  • What would be the rudest animal if they could talk?
  • Is cereal a type of soup?
  • What kind of animal are you most like?
  • Did cavemen have nightmares about cavewomen?
  • What kind of animal is the biggest party animal?
  • Should pineapples be on pizza?
  • What would be the most boring animal if they could talk?
  • What invention do you think is the most useless ever?
  • Which Disney princess would make the best spy?
  • What song would you play at a party?

Weird and Humorous Questions

Your guests and audience will never see these questions coming. These will really get them thinking and make them laugh. Get ready for some hilarity!

  • What is the weirdest food you have ever eaten?
  • Which celebrity would you love to switch lives with?
  • What is the craziest Wi-Fi name you’ve ever seen?
  • What would you choose to be if you could be any plant or animal?
  • What was the most embarrassing moment that happened to you?
  • Which would you rather win: A house or a car?
  • Do you prefer to walk around with broccoli for your arms or a salad for your head?
  • What weapon would you choose in a zombie apocalypse?
  • What number of chickens would it take to take an elephant down?
  • Would you rather have no money or no love?


Your podcast is a great way to get a conversation going and get to know your audience. Start your podcast episodes on a lighter note by injecting these funny podcast questions into your conversations. It will get you and your audience thinking for answers and laughing out loud!

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Funny Questions For A Great Podcast

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