Fun & Fast Get to Know You Games for Teens

Get to know you games for teens, also known as icebreaker games, are excellent for fostering new relationships with others in a group.

It helps to reduce the stress and anxiety of interacting with someone new. Teenagers are naturally social, yet meeting other teenagers can still be intimidating. Icebreaker games can help reduce the tension and stress that come with meeting new people.

This article lists some amazing get to know you game ideas for better collaboration among teenagers.

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6 Common Get to Know You Games for Teens

Social media and advanced technology are all that capture Gen Z teens. This means that they are up-to-date with the most recent innovations and trends.

But it is also linked to reduced attention span and increased antisocial conduct. Therefore, icebreaker games for teens must be fun, fast, and inclusive. These group activities are intended to get teenagers away from their phones and communicate with one another better.

Below are the six typical get to know you games for teens.

Shoe Exchange

Teens need an open space to play this game. Instruct everyone to leave one of their shoes by the door. Gather the group in a circle and rearrange the shoes, so everyone wears one that doesn’t belong to them.

Set a five-minute timer and instruct everyone to find the shoe’s owner and introduce themselves. Then have a two-minute discussion about a topic, such as: What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Quick Change Artist

Bring two people from the group to the front. Then ask each participant to observe the other one’s appearance. The players turn around and make three adjustments, like taking off a shoe, untucking a shirt, removing an accessory, or messing up the hair.

When they face each other again, each player must spot the changes made by the opponent. By switching partners and increasing the number of changes made, you can play this game several times until there is a clear winner.

What’s Next?

Get everyone to sit in a circle and let the first person start the game with any random work like “red.” The next person repeats the initial word and then adds a word that connects to it, such as “apple.”

The person after them repeats the first word and adds a new word link, such as “pie.” You must give each person only a few seconds to form a new word connection to keep things moving.

Two Truths and a Lie

Circle up the group first. The first individual will start by stating three facts about themselves, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. It makes the false statement considerably more believable.

The rest of the group then declares which statement they think is a lie. Once someone correctly guesses the answer, the next person continues with their two truths and one lie. Continue going around the circle until everyone has spoken and had their lie successfully uncovered.

Time Bomb Icebreaker

First of all, make everyone stand in a circle facing the center. After that, go around the circle and give a tennis ball to randomly one person. The tennis ball figuratively represents a “time bomb.” The person with the tennis ball gets two seconds to call out someone else’s name and throw the ball at them. If they cannot remember anyone’s name in the allotted two seconds, the bomb explodes, and they are out. Make those who can’t remember their names step outside to form a circle.

The group will keep tossing the tennis ball as the inner circle becomes smaller until they know everyone’s name in the group. The winner is the last person standing who remembered the names of everyone and avoided being “blown up” by the tennis ball time bomb.

Frown King or Frown Queen

Make the teens pair up and stand back-to-back. Everyone turns to face their partners on the count of three and tries to frown at each other without speaking a word.

The first person to laugh or smile must take a seat. Those who remain after that choose a new companion, and the game continues until only two persons are left. The last one standing is given the title Frown King or Frown King. You can reward the winner with a frown crown!


Teens can find plenty of fun, and fast-paced get to know you games to initiate conversations. Some games are proven to improve multitasking abilities, while others help alleviate stress or help you with your social anxiety. By playing these games, teens can test their skills, have a great time, and even start a friendly competition.

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