Good Geography Quiz Questions & Answers: Fun Test

Whether you’re a geography expert or just love good trivia, we’re here to help you answer those geography quips from friends and family.

This article offers some good geography quiz questions and answers to brush up on your knowledge. We have put together quizzes about the world, cities, countries, capital, flags, and more.

Let’s get quizzing and dive into the ocean of fun and facts without any further ado!

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List of Good Geography Quiz Questions

Geography is fascinating and complicated in so many ways. It provides a new perspective on the world and helps break away from the traditional way of thinking about things.

Geography is like a test that sets you up for what is to come as you learn more about everything. The following good geography quiz questions provide the key to understanding the world around you and enhancing your knowledge.

General World Geography Questions

Which continent is the sole one to have territory in all four hemispheres? – Africa

What is another name for The Netherlands? – Holland

What is New York’s state capital? – Albany

Which continent is home to the largest desert in the world? – Antarctica

What is India’s official currency? – Indian Rupee

How many major islands comprise Hawaii? – Eight

Which US state has the smallest area overall? – Rhode Island

What kind of tree grows the tallest? – Redwood

What five Great Lakes are there? – Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario

Which is the only country that borders the United Kingdom? – Ireland

What is known to be the highest mountain in Britain?– Ben Nevis

How many time zones are there in Australia?– Three

What are the names of the three capital cities of South Africa? – Cape Town, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein

Which city has the highest population density on Earth? – Manila, Philippines

World Flags Related Quiz Questions

The Union Jack is the national flag of what state? – The United Kingdom 

What two symbols are there on the USSR flag? – Hammer and Sickle

Which flag is the only one without four sides? – Nepal

How many stars are there on the Chinese flag? – Five

How many colors are used in the flag of South Africa? – Six

What colors do the United Nations’ flags have? – Blue and white

Which nation has a shipwreck depicted on its flag? – Bermuda

Capital Cities Quiz Questions

How many capital cities in Europe does the Danube pass through? – Four: Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Belgrade

What is the capital of Peru? – Lima

Name the capital of Bulgaria. – Sofia

What is the capital of Canada? – Ottawa

In which capital city can you find The Little Mermaid statue? – Copenhagen

What is the capital of Mexico? – Mexico City

Where is the Forbidden City located? – Beijing

Can you name the capital of Cuba? – Havana

What is the capital of Nepal? – Kathmandu

Name the capital city of Australia? – Canberra

Landmarks Geography Questions

What is the name of the world’s highest continuous waterfall? – Angel Falls

Can you name all five oceans on Earth? – Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Southern

Exactly which river traverses the Grand Canyon? – Colorado River

Which country is the home of Mount Everest? – Nepal

What is the tallest building ever built by humans? – Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Where in the United States is Niagara Falls located? – New York


If you enjoy geography and learning about different countries and their cultures, this quiz is a great way to test your knowledge. It will not only let you have a great time with family and friends but also enhance your knowledge about the world. With these fun trivia questions, geography doesn’t have to be boring!

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