Try These Effective Questions for Teachers

The things we know about other people influence our behavior toward them. There are many instances and processes, both unlettered and systematic, that require us to pass judgment on a person.

Whether you’re interviewing a teacher as a recruiter or as a student, you’ll need to ask the right questions. This article includes a list of good questions to ask teachers

But before we get to these examples, there are a few fundamentals we need to cover.

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What is a Teacher Interview?

A teacher interview can serve many purposes. It can be a measure to evaluate the expertise, experience, and skills of a potential teacher. It can also reveal new information about a teacher to be used in a yearbook and other documentation.

Many times, teacher interviews can also help nurture a relationship between teachers and students. The main idea behind any interview is to learn more about the interviewee. Interviews are more than just about evaluating an interviewee’s ability to answer questions correctly. The way they answer your questions can also provide valuable insight into a person’s characteristics.

The Importance of Teacher Interviews

Whether you’re a potential employer or a student, it’s important to know teachers well. This allows you to determine whether they are people you’d want to associate with.

Interviews also allow you to gain a more intimate perspective on a potential teacher. It’sIt’s important to note that the quality of answers you receive depends greatly on the questions you ask. Your questions must have a clear purpose. If you need a list of good questions to ask teachers, keep reading.

Good Questions to Ask Teachers

  • What are some of your hidden skills and talents?
  • What things about you would surprise students?
  • What’sWhat’s a typical Saturday night like for you?
  • How often do you accidentally start [doing an activity related to their area of expertise]?
  • Which are some pets you’ve owned?
  • What is your idea of the perfect vacation?
  • How do you spend your Christmas holiday break?
  • What are some of your most influential books or movies?
  • What would your last meal be?
  • If you won the lottery, what would you do instead of teaching?
  • What can you cook to perfection? Are you willing to share the recipe?
  • What are some traditions or superstitions you have for the First Day of School?
  • How do you define a great day at school?
  • How do you express your school pride?
  • What accomplishment this year are you extremely proud of?
  • What are your favorite meals from the cafeteria?
  • How do you keep things fresh? [particularly good for seasoned teachers]
  • Which activities do you perform in your morning routine?
  • What things inspire and motivate you?
  • How does technology simplify or complicate teaching?
  • Are there any embarrassing moments you’re willing to share? What are they?
  • What’s the best and worst thing about working as a teacher?
  • In whose class among your co-teachers would you want to enroll?

In Summary

Teacher interviews allow employers and students to gain valuable insight into a potential teacher’s experience, educational background, and other key characteristics. By learning more about the teacher, you give yourself a better appreciation of the value they can bring to the classroom.

Asking the right questions will reveal a teacher’s strengths, weaknesses, and beliefs. Whether your interview functions as an assessment or a means to establish rapport, make sure to prepare good questions to ask.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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